Local display featured 36 carved pumpkins

Pumpkins in Seal Beach display took three days to carve

Getting difficult for a Reaper to be grim nowadays.

Jim Quinlan’s front-yard Halloween Pumpkin Patch  was a big hit on Sunday, Oct. 31.

Local residents and their children were captivated by the well-lit pumpkins on display, a commercial-grade fog machine, sound effects, and spooky projections on the wall that added to the excitement.

Terri Quinlan (his mom), was Jim’s Assistant Pumpkin Carver and Roland Gerardus helped with set design. The 36 uniquely designed pumpkins took three full days to carve and display on custom made steel spikes.

Many hours of planning went into Quinlan’s project, and he was very happy to see the huge spectator turn-out and so many kids captivated by the clouds of fog.

When trick-or-treaters asked Jim if he plans to do a Pumpkin Patch next year, Jim said: “It was a lot more work than I thought it would be … so maybe next time, I’ll make it a community project, or even a contest.”

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Terri Quinlan is Jim Quinlan’s mother.