Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017

What happened to the planters?

Did any one notice that the eight hanging planters at Electric and Main and the eight at Central and Main have recently been removed?

When they were installed not that long ago I was optimistic that we might have a touch of Disney here along our Main Street.

Instead, after a few months, the watering stopped and the plants all dried up. With no maintenance, even the succulents died. Guess it was easier to take the planters down than to maintain them. There is a chance, I suppose, that the planters are being upgraded and will be put back later, but I have my doubts. As you walk Main also notice the humongous planter near the Hangout at the parking lot entrance near the pier. What started with some decent plants is now a big irrelevant nothing.

Also observe the mini gardens put in at some expense near the crosswalks. Most of these have sunk. Several have dead or dying trees.

All have pretty sad, non-professional plantings and little evidence of skilled upkeep. So sad to see all these potential highlights so deteriorated when they could give our Main Street a special look. I am sure we paid a small fortune to install all this.

What a shame to see such a lack of maintenance on what could be a real plus for our town.

John Mayer

Seal Beach

Leisure World Expo was terrific

The Leisure World Community Expo, recently presented by the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce with the support of the Golden Rain Foundation, was terrific.

The community services and outdoor vendors were well organized. I had the pleasant chance to discuss special issues with some of the friendly –accommodating vendors. It broadens my horizon with the experts.

Enthusiastic huge crowds enjoyed asking questions, getting samples, and had fun listening and dancing with the lively entertainment while feasting on varieties of goodies .

I doff my hat to all who made this a great success!

Lisa A. Dickson

Leisure World