Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Nov. 24



The Restaurant Spotlight in the Thursday, Nov. 17 Sun contained an incorrect address and phone number for the Bamboo Grill and Sushi. The restaurant is located at 12430 Seal Beach Blvd., in the Target Center, Seal Beach. The phone number is (562) 795-6781.

Who were the victims of the shooting at Salon Meritage?

Yes, eight dead, one physically wounded and several salon stylists severely emotionally wounded.

Funds have been distributed to the families of the dead, but what about the others—the stylists who ran hiding behind locked doors only to have gunshots aimed at the door and then having to step over the dead bodies of their close friends, knowing that that could have been them?

These people are really hurting.   They also had no time to mourn, but had to quickly find other places to work, and will be out many days ahead having to go to trials and reliving the horrible events.  They will need several years of counseling and medications that will not be compensated.

People who contributed to the victims have been misled if their contributions will not go to the living victims as well.

Virginia and Hugh Osmera


Seal Beach


Picketing at Leisure World

There have been several letters to the editor regarding the picketing that has been done by LW citizens who hope to change the status quo. One writer stated that it was, “a small group of radicals who do not, in any way, represent the majority of Leisure World residents.”

How does this person know this is only a “small group?” Did she take a poll? She went on to make a decision for prospective buyers stating, “Surely anyone contemplating a purchase would have second thoughts when confronted with that type of ridiculous display.” This display may be ridiculous in her mind, but she can’t speak for me. Again, has she polled any prospective buyers to see if this truly swayed their consideration to buy? For some buyers, seeing the picketers may show them that this is an active community of people who will stand up for their rights.

Another woman wrote that when her friends saw the picketers, “it was embarrassing… they started laughing… about how ridiculous they looked.” Why in the world would it be embarrassing to see people standing up for their rights? It was not very Christian of them to ridicule the picketers who want to right a wrong. Shame on them for laughing at the American way of free speech.

I really appreciate the people who go out and fight for my rights. Thank God for people who speak up when things need to be changed. If it weren’t for courageous people who are willing to picket, we’d still have slavery, women couldn’t vote, and schools would not be integrated. I am proud of these courageous picketers and wish them to continue their brave actions for positive change.

Jean E. Gilliard

Leisure World

Rossmoor board member Coletta acted like bully

My husband and I have lived in Rossmoor since 1966. We have been very active volunteering in Rossmoor and the city of Los Alamitos.

On Oct. 11, my husband asked a question at the Rossmoor Community Services Department monthly meeting. I was ashamed of some of the people on the Dias. President Alfred Coletta acted like a school-yard bully. My husband Al asked if the public could see Manager Henry Taboada’s analysis report to the Directors of a draft report prepared for County Supervisors of various financial obligations of some Orange County communities. My husband was dressed down for asking, by Coletta, and was never given a straight answer, just double talk.

Al came home angry and said he would not get involved again. I on the other hand see something that needs correcting.

Many people from Los Alamitos and Rossmoor saw the rudeness on Cable TV and called us expressing their anger. Many people said they would like to give input to the RCSD but don’t want to put up with the guff. My husband Al was an Eagle Scout, went through hell as a Marine in the Korean War, was Man of the Year for Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbors and was named Man of the Year by the Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce.

We have raised three children who are productive citizens. To have that arrogant little bully who, thinks he is important, talk down to Al or any other Rossmoor resident is unforgivable! I hope Cable runs that five-minute exchange over and over so our community can see our representatives in action.

Myrt Perisho


Are you a sucker-shopper?

Do you use those mailed coupons from a local department store—with the peel-off sticker that reveals a 15-20-30 percent discount?  They seem to arrive every other week, and well, I got one on Monday… 30 percent off. I also happened to need a new handbag, so why not use the coupon? Right?

I selected a bag, the tag said $99 (ridiculous of course), but the posted price said: $99 bags were actually $46 (better) … and with my 30 percent off coupon, that would be a final price of $32.  At checkout, I was told my coupon would not be in effect until Friday.

So today, Friday, I went back to buy the bag — the tag still read $99, but the posted price had been increased from $46 to $58!  Thus, my “30 percent OFF” coupon made the final price $40. A little calculation shows the 30 percent discount on Friday is actually only a 12.5 percent discount off Mondays’ regular price.  It’s a slippery way to disrespect us customers.

Jody Kay


Animal killings should prompt change

I was deeply saddened by the needless massacre of 47 animals abandoned in Zanesville, Ohio, recently. Yet, these precious lives represent only a fraction of the cows, pigs, and other innocent sentient animals butchered for our dinner table every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

For folks who share my sadness at the Zanesville massacre, a vegan diet offers the only effective path to a guilt-free conscience. There’s no extra charge for the associated health and environmental benefits.

Visiting LiveVegan.org, or typing “vegan recipes” into a search engine is a great start.

Lewis Frederick

Los Alamitos

Trash Talking

“This is nothing more than a political stunt.”

“The lawsuit is frivolous.”

If these sound familiar it  isbecause these lies have been repeated all too often.  Number two is a proven lie—Citizens won. You don’t win a frivolous lawsuit in the Superior Court. But what of the first claim? That too is a lie. Here is the time line.

On June 21, 2010 the Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 to contact the exclusive solid waste franchise to CDS. From then until the last week of July, individuals in the city talked to the FBI, the OC District Attorney’s office and the California Attorney General’s office. The answer was that a criminal charge could be brought, but it wouldn’t “undo” the contract.

It came down to the way to undo the contract was to get a civil court to void it. Since the goal was to undo the contract and have the code followed, as well as save $6.5 million dollars in overcharges against the community; the priority was always “do what is right”.

From mid-July to the end of August, the direction changed to finding an attorney willing to take the case who was (1) Competent and (2) willing to use the Private Attorney General Act. Citizens also had to be created, get bank accounts, etc. By the first or second week of September, that was completed.

Through September and early October, Citizens, along with their attorney, created the first draft of the complaint, pulled together all the evidence and supporting documentation and prepared the case for trial. It should be noted that for all the different causes of action, there was just one requested remedy. Not “political payback,” no required council member resignations. Just void the contract and make the City Council re-do it right; follow the Municipal Code.

On Oct. 27, 2010 the complaint was filed. Based on what the people involved did to get to that point, their attorney’s schedule, and what they actually asked for (void the contract; follow the Municipal Code), there was nothing “political” involved. It’s a lie. A lie repeated over and over, but still a lie.

Now we have the new lie, that the changes to the Municipal Code aren’t designed to just re-push the old contract that was just voided by Judge Banks through. That’s exactly what the changes are designed to do. It changes the Municipal Code from “lowest responsible bidder” to “subjectively selected bidder.” From what they were required to do, to what they did. It turns the intent of getting the best price for the community into a farce. And they are laughing all the way to the bank, because as Judge Banks said, they can count to three and what is good for the people; the lowest responsible bidder, is NOT what is good for their political financiers.

J.M. Ivler

Los Alamitos

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Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Nov. 24