Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018


Traffic safety a problem throughout Old Town

I would like to thank Susan Shey Dvonch for her letter to the editor in the Nov. 15 issue regarding traffic. And while her concerns are centered around crossings at PCH, and justifiably so, the problem is throughout Old Town as well.

Being a regular pedestrian walking regularly on both Main Street and Electric Avenue, I experience and witness close calls on a daily basis, Drivers constantly and repeatedly run through stop signs with little or no slowing.

Locals complain about traffic brought on by “out-of-towners” visiting, but this problem applies as much to residents and neighbors, as well as food delivery and contractors. Drivers regularly approach Electric Avenue and look one way—towards oncoming traffic—without regard to pedestrians coming from the opposite direction. I have had near misses, friends tell me about near misses, and I’ve witnessed near misses, including 2 with baby strollers.

U-t’urns on Main Street are common place just so a driver can catch a parking spot nearest their destination. Drivers run through the pedestrian walkway without noticing the walker, again because they are focused on finding that parking spot.

This should not be acceptable to the city or its citizens. I would hazard a guess that pursuing and citing these infractions and collecting on the fines would easily offset any salary cost to have a police officer concentrating solely (and only) on this task.

It’s only a matter of time. The tragedy at Twelfth and PCH should teach us that our system is not good enough. And to have Caltrans hold off any action on this tragedy until a civil suit is settled is not acceptable. How many lives are in danger without fixing the problem?

Jay Vilander

Old Town


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