Letters to the Editor: Thursday, July 20, 2017

I-605/Katella project is a ‘waste’

I attended the Public Information Meeting held at the Los Alamitos Recreation Center for the I-605/Katella Avenue Interchange Project.

Upon entering I was handed some information and told that the six stations would inform me more on the project. I was very disappointed with what was presented.

To begin with, it seemed that Los Alamitos City Planning had nothing to do with planning the project. One of the main presenters stated, “I am not from around here,” which didn’t seem appropriate for what he was presenting.

His presentation seemed to be about two things happening.

One was to have places for vehicles to pull off and not block traffic if they are having trouble. Having used this interchange ever since it was in existence, I know there’s space to pull off if there is trouble.

The other, which he stressed, was the congestion on Katella. In discussing it with him, it finally came out that the congestion was caused by the traffic light at Los Alamitos Boulevard.

In his following presentation he informed that nothing in the project was going to lessen the congestion from the Los Alamitos traffic light. I know what congestion he was talking about, since I see it as I am traveling in the opposite direction and I agree the project will not correct this congestion. He gave no further reasons for the project.

A question was raised by one of the other visitors as to what effect the proposed new Los Alamitos shopping center on Katella would have on this project. It was stated that nothing in the proposed project takes that into consideration and if the shopping center is approved that this project would have to be started over again to take it into consideration. At another station the discussion was about the pedestrian and bicycle traffic. No mention was made of the improvements that the city of Los Alamitos had already made.

The presenter as a side remark he made that maybe the bicycle and pedestrian traffic might be diverted much further North. I could only think of one place where the traffic could be diverted to and that was Spring Street. I feel that no bicycle or pedestrian traffic would utilize such a diversion. Basically I feel that this project is a waste of Measure M funds and should be cancelled immediately.

As a side issue, as I was leaving I checked that I had been given all the literature available. The prepaid post card to the project had my information in Spanish and I had to go back and get an English version.

Jim Riley

Los Alamitos

Unhappy with Leisure World management

Recently I informed GRF president and executive director regarding the Fire Inspector getting in my apartment without notice—or my permission. I was furious.  Where is security and safety in LeisureWorld ?  I also spoke with the proper authorities.Previously I also informed GRF president and executive director about the Social Worker Cindy Tostado not showing up at the meeting she requested. I waited from  10  till noon.

Mrs. Tostado also came to my place constantly buzzing my doorbell without notice, and impolitely disturbing my conversation with the bank manager discussing an important issue. These kinds of acts did not happen when I was a director. Why are some employees being tolerated after acting unprofessionally?

What happened to security and safety of the shareholder? Do I now have to live in fear on account of these anomalies?

Lisa A. Dickson

Leisure World

Seal Beach


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