Letters to the Editor: October 7, 2010


Hetheringtons’ thoughts
Just a thought, find it interesting none of the candidates in their articles ever mention the political party they support, not that it would make a difference.

We just recently attended a planning commission meeting to discuss street widening in old town 17th Street to 13th Street, PCH to Electric Avenue, it is amusing that one would worry about a tree over ones safety and emergency response. A remedy would be to widen the streets 1 foot on each side and provide a bubble in the curb every 40 feet to provide for trees in the present green area. 1 foot widening over the years would provide not only room for our fine Fire Department but would allow people to park on the street not on the curbs and lower the cost of damaged mirrors.

My wife and I would also  like to congratulate Toby the owner of Mahi’s Restaurant on an upcoming 10 year anniversary! In addition he recently attended a Planning Commission meeting listened to the concerns raised and is addressing them. He is to be commended on a class Act!

Tom and Nancy Hetherington
Seal Beach

Special evening
The celebration dance for the City’s 95th birthday last weekend at Old Ranch was a lovely success.   There are many people to thank who worked hard to make the evening special for everyone, I’ll try to list as many as possible and give up front apologies to any I forget.

Joanne Levin and Sharon Callahan spent their Saturday picking up car loads of auction items and displayed them in a artful arrangement for the guests to enjoy.

Marc Loopesko and my husband, Riley, who spent the day doing all the heavy grunt work to make the room perfect.

Elizabeth Kane who mastered PayPal and enhanced the evenings proceeds by allowing purchases to be made with plastic.

My dear friends from Huntington Beach whose beautiful daughter and friend manned the entry tables in costumes welcoming everyone with a smile.

To Moe and Chris who helped organize the tables and ushered guests from bar to bar when the line was long.

To Eddie Montana whose auctioneering is amazing, such a talented, generous man.

To Shelly Sustarsic and our Seal Beach Princesses who filled in whenever a void was discovered.

To Tim and Dana from the city for their support and help towards the evening and Carla Watson whose talent for selling tickets must be breaking a record somewhere.

All the wonderful sponsors, businesses and individuals who generously gave to make the auction portion a huge success.

Everyone had a great time, the music was wonderful and it was heartwarming to see so many people dancing, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Isn’t that what Seal Beach is all about? Loving people giving their time, helping each other and working hard to make a difference. Thank you all and hope to see you in five years for the Big Kahuna.

Gwen Forsythe
Seal Beach

Letters to the Editor: October 7, 2010