Letters to the Editor: Oct. 6, 2011

Safety of McAuliffe School children in question


Los Alamitos Unified School District is violating California State Law every day of every week and placing children at risk. The administration of LAUSD has filled up their P.E. classes with as much as double the legal California State maximum student count in McAuliffe Middle School locker rooms.

The LAUSD Administration is cramming in 84, 71, 88, 60, 116, 85, 110 boys into their little locker room Periods 1 to 7 each day of every week all year long.

And they are jamming in 88, 100, 56, 74, 96, 86, and 120 girls into the woefully inadequate locker room every day of the year Periods 1 to 7.

Every single PE period violates California State Fire Code.

It is Un-sanitary, Un-private, Un-safe, and it is illegal.

And the Los Alamitos Fire Department has allowed this to continue due to failure to inspect up to California State DSA Standards.  Please call City Manager Mr. Jeffrey L. Stewart and demand he make his Fire Department inspect, cite, and enforce the code.

If you have children at this school site you know the deplorable conditions your children are suffering in the overcrowded locker rooms each day. But even if you don’t have children in the schools, you are still paying for the bonds used to “modernize” the school site. Call the Superintendent 562.799.4700 ext. 80401 today and demand Doctor Kropp revise class loads and spend the money to modernize locker rooms to hold the students she is stuffing in each period.

John Briscoe,


public school board trustee, Ocean View School District


Huntington Beach


Mylar balloons are an    environmental problem


As people mill about everywhere for the upcoming Halloween festivities this month, it is time to ponder something that the news doesn’t dwell on enough. We have all heard the key cautions each year:  be careful when crossing streets, make sure to hold a flashlight or wear bright clothing and don’t eat candy until you come home and check it out thoroughly with your parents!

But Mylar balloons?  Why don’t they talk about that enough?

Recently a friend of mine that lives in Rossmoor told me about a power outage she had.  The reason why was something kids and adults alike take for granted—a simple mylar balloon.

On Southern Calilfornia Edison’s site it is posted that “metal conducts electricity” and that is what these balloons are made of.

So, the next time please keep this advice in mind when you are having a party in the backyard and want to make your decorations stand out.  If you really care about the environment, use balloons indoors and use other non-hazardous decorations outside.  Then again, if you really have to use mylar balloons outside, secure them as tightly as possible to something that doesn’t move.  Your neighbors and neighboring cities will thank you.

Enea Ostrich

College Park East

Huntington Beach plastic bag ban is a bummer

So the city of Huntington Beach wants to make it even more inconvenient to shop in our city by banning plastic grocery bags and adding a 10-cent/bag fee (tax) for paper bags for those who need them.  The stated purpose behind this ban is to have fewer plastic bags on Huntington Beach city beaches to pay to clean up.

But the math doesn’t add up:  There are 189,992 (2010 Census) residents in Huntington Beach and more than 16,000,000 beach visitors a year.  Even those who failed high school math are smart enough to figure out all those bags aren’t coming from locals but from hodads bringing their bags from other cities.  The city should just raise the parking fees and the hodads can help to pay clean up the bags this way.

All kidding aside, the ban will do nothing but make it more of a pain to shop in Huntington Beach.  If people prone to littering can’t get free bags with their groceries, they’ll just buy some and leave them behind anyway!

If you want to help fight City Hall and prevent Huntington Beach from becoming Serf City, leave a voicemail for Councilmembers Connie Boardman, Joe Shaw, Devin Dwyer, and Keith Bohr at (714) 536-5553 and tell them to leave your bags alone!  There’s still time. You can make a difference!

Robert and Helena Foutz

Huntington Beach