Letters to the Editor: Oct. 14, 2010


Founder’s Day kudos

Please thank everyone at the Sun for inviting me to your Special Edition celebration.  The Founder’s Day edition was a work of art and I have heard is being saved as a collector’s item.

A special thanks to Publisher Lindsay Evans for making the push to include me.

I felt as if I witnessed a rare insider’s look at the staff of the Sun newspaper working to beat the deadline.  They were so hard at work that the only sound I heard was the pecking of the computer keys while they fit in a bite of celebratory pizza.

The door was locked so there would be no interruption and I was led out with the unlocking and closing up once again.

No wonder you put out such an interesting newspaper with a wonderful staff making sure that page layouts and content are perfect and I must say artistic.

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.

Let’s do it again for the 100th!

Libby Applegate

95th  Seal Beach Founder’s Day Correspondent

Seal Beach

Save the Bay Theatre

I live in Irvine and my boyfriend, Bob Brown, lives in Huntington Beach. When he was out-of-town in July I took care of watching his condo. I got to be able to take time and explore your great Main Street. I fell in love with it … but what I really loved was the Bay Theatre with its great history and organ up front.

I was brought up in Palo Alto, California.

I always went to the Stanford Movie Theatre, (still do when I visit my family at the holidays) where they always have the great old black and white movies and a beautiful organ that someone plays on certain nights.

About six years ago they remodeled and it turned out beautiful.

I am bringing this up, because when I was standing outside the theatre one day I found out from the manager there that the theatre is up for sale.

Quite a few other people (mostly locals and some that didn’t live near Seal Beach, like myself) heard that—we all said, “No please don’t sell.”

I said to these people that I don’t want another coffee shop like Starbucks or Peets or whatever put there.

This theatre is part of the history of Seal Beach. I want to see this theatre updated so that a lot more locals and visitors would actually bring more money into Seal Beach and the charm of theatre would remain. Seal Beach has a lot of class more than Huntington Beach I noticed (don’t tell my boyfriend!) and the charm of this theatre only adds class to Seal Beach.

After I came out from seeing my movie I went shopping and mentioned what a shame it was that the theatre might be sold. When the shops staff heard this they said we should get a committee together and go to the civic center and fight to keep the theatre.

We would sign anything, like a form or something, to keep our theatre on our street. I know when I was sitting in the theatre to see my movie there were not too many people there.

I guess the theatre is losing money. Maybe a cute little cafe could share some space in the theatre and we could get funds from that to update the look inside the theatre then moviegoers could have their treats and coffee or beverages and popcorn, but no candy and/or junk food. Make it classy because classy people go to places like that.

Pamela Bettencourt


Letters to the Editor: Oct. 14, 2010