Letters to the Editor: Oct. 12, 2017


Leisure World resident urges others to attend town hall meeting

The GRF will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 10 a.m., clubhouse 1.  I urge all LW residents to attend.  Here are some questions that should be addressed at the meeting.

Why are we replacing part time security personnel with full time personnel?

A. How much additional cost to shareholders? B. How does it benefit community? (are we going to be safer).

Why are we planning to purchase a $150,000 mobile unit for our computer operation? A. Wi-fi would be cheaper and more efficient. Many are working from cell phones, not home based computers. B. What is the return on investment to shareholders?

Why did GRF desire to takeover trailer lot management from trailer club? Monetary gain or to correct mismanagement by the club.  A. Initial cost to shareholders = $30,000. B. Yearly operating income = $44,776, yearly operating expense = $29,700, net income = $15,076. compared to $14,774. shareholders received annually from trailer club for last 10 years. C. What is benefit to shareholders?

Why hire 2 full time security personnel to write parking tickets? A Cost to shareholders =$94,000. B. What is projected cash flow? C. What is benefit to shareholders?

Why change our newspaper name from Golden Rain News to LW Weekly?

A. Why is there no longer a critical opinion section – freedom of speech?

B. What is benefit to shareholder?

Why are our maintenance services diminishing putting burden on shareholder?

Why not tie HOA Dues annually to Social Security increases i. e. 2.5%?

These questions are not meant to be confrontational.

All may have good explanations which should be shared with shareholders.

Jack Carrigan

Leisure World

Why isn’t Leisure World Bike friendly?

I am asking for help in dealing with this situation.  Leisure World is a 55+ active adult community with approximately 9,000 residents.

Many of us ride bikes not just to get from point a to point b, but for exercise and as a pleasurable pasttime.

The city of Seal Beach does not allow bicycles to ride on the sidewalks unless specifically posted.

Our community allows bicycles on the sidewalks as long as the bike is traveling no faster than a pedestrian.

[An] article in the [LW Weekly] shows how unfriendly our community has become towards bicyclists. Our safety officer is enabling drivers to not follow California law when he makes it seem common place that “Motorists may be impatient and unwilling to share the road, slow down or even drive around you.”

He should be posting “Share the Road” signs and educating drivers of bicyclists rights and state law about how close a driver may be to a cyclist.

Any assistance you could give in making Leisure World a more bike friendly community would be greatly appreciated.

I would have sent a copy of this [letter] to Eloy Gomez but his email address is secret and cannot be given out by his office.

Sandra Haney

Leisure World

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 12, 2017