Letters to the Editor: Nov. 18, 2010

Happening in Seal Beach

I would like to start off by congratulating the successful candidates for our fine city! All the candidates have special qualities and I commend all of them for wanting to have a voice in our fine city. I am writing this to you on Election Day. We voted, did you? It will be a mystery to all until Nov. 3.

I recently had major cervical surgery to repair four damaged vertebrae. I am thankful to have had it done. As a result of this surgery I am wearing a neck brace with very limited neck movement.

Per doctor’s orders I am to walk as much as possible around our great 95-year “Old Town.” It is difficult for me to look down and turn side to side. I have encountered where people have parked their vehicle blocking the sidewalks instead of parking them in the garage, where the access is off a street and not the alley. As a result of this maneuvering around a vehicle I stumbled off the curb and performed what I refer to as a crash and burn. Would it be possible to have our police parking enforcement to put a friendly reminder on vehicles (only a few occasions) to keep the sidewalks open? We all need reminders once in awhile. Thank you.

I appreciate Ken Kroph’s response to the article about the Airport Club property. I am all for protecting our environment and preserving areas for our future within reason. Was any consideration given to putting in a wind farm or solar farm to produce energy for our city? This too would be an asset to helping our environment. Yes the wetlands are nice, as in Bolsa Chica. On the other hand, they are one expensive bird bath covering up precious land that could be used for a variety of functions to keep many people satisfied and generate city revenue. Wetlands in a golf course like so many areas in the USA, as an example.

One last thought: we all love our pets and appreciate what a compliment they are to our lives. Is it so difficult to think of your fine neighbors and children in the same context? Yes your correct! It isn’t so difficult. Then why can’t one pick up after their proud pet soils an area where children play and people walk? A challenge to pet owners: carry a plastic bag, there are many city trashcans around!

Tom Hetherington


Seal Beach