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Commentary on closings by a dedicated beachgoer

I have a different perspective on closing California’s beaches during this Pandemic from so-called health experts and politicians.

I started swimming, surfing, picnicking, and sun bathing on the beaches of Seal Beach in 1943. Where the San Gabriel River entered the ocean in Seal Beach rip rack was built to protect the beach from the river waters. I used to wedge myself in the end rocks and hold my breath while waves poured over me. Back then us kids used the pier as a kind of diving board. We would dive or jump off the pier. I don’t remember anyone telling us we couldn’t. When swimming beyond the breakers my mother used to yell at me to quit trying to catch those seals, “they’ll bite you”.

Well a lot of waves have washed over the sand since then, but one thing hasn’t changed, how wonderful the beach is for the enjoyment and peace of mind it gives to the kids and adults who make the beach a part of their lives.

It seems so weird to hear people in authority denounce the public for using the beach. A hundred different beach goers would probably have a hundred different reasons for wanting to visit the beach, and every single person is as legitimate as any other. As for this distancing thing, why is people passing others on the beach any more dangerous than passing on the street, or walkways, trails, or sidewalks?

The protocol of beach usage back in forty-three is still in use to this day. You never put down your beach towel or blanket next to some strangers. You always respect another person’s space. So here we are, us beach people are practicing social distancing without even knowing it.

I have to suspect that all these politicians and health care officials were never beach users as kids or adults. When Seal Beach was closed down, even before Governor Newsom got involved with our beaches, not one word did we hear of some record or study that had been done by our city or by any other city proving beaches were hot beds of virus transmissions.

Not a single published report was ever given to the public by the city to verify their reasons for closing our beach, not a smidgen of evidence it was necessary, and to this day still no evidence is being provided to the public.

As a beach goer and an ex-LA County beach lifeguard I had a suspicion some serious overblown and outreach of our municipal authority was taking place. So, my curiosity got to me, I went on the internet to see where the COVID-19 outbreaks on beaches were happening. I thought I’d check the most well-known and highly used beaches for reported corona virus outbreaks.

I checked the Copacabana in Brazil, the French Riviera, Brighton Beach in England, The Atlantic City and Coney Island beaches, then Miami Beach, Malibu, and the mile-long beach in Surf City. I was no surprised to find that no COVID-19, or any other flu like viruses were being reported as a public hazard at any of these, or any other public beach.

To this very day with all the beach closures taking place have I heard of a single person reporting they picked up the corona virus at a beach. Now, I don’t mean to be picking on the politicians and health officials for not being properly educated and knowledgeable about whether it is necessary to close beaches, but after all, I’ve also never heard yet of a single person claiming they contacted the corona virus at a barbershop, park, theatre, restaurant, walking trail, bowling alley, karaoke bar, paint store, sports bar, or prayer meeting, but people with some authority are doing it anyways no matter the lack of reason or science.

I’m just one of millions who are hoping the powers that will come out in favor of the hot sand, ocean breezes, salt water, and the sunshine you’re exposed too at beaches as being good for us all, and whims and fancies not rule our lives.

Dwayne B. Smith

Leisure World

Thank you note for a policeman

I deeply appreciate SB Police Officer Michael Pistilli’s immediate response when my unit was burglarized. I called both LW Security and the police.

The PO came inside and checked. I showed the damaged file cabinet where valuable s were stolen. I also told the stolen food . I was shocked and he was, too. My Rachmaninoff tape was also stolen. He was kind and compassionate.

Security came later. Stayed by the door and asked what were stolen. I showed the damaged file cabinet but he was not interested and left. The GRF president and executive director were notified. Where is safety and security ?

Lisa A Dickson

Leisure World

To elected officials and newspaper editors

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, West Orange County Republican Women Federated invited the community to sign a letter of support for law enforcement. We also had petitions to recall Gov. Newsom.

Our table on Los Alamitos Blvd. was busy throughout the day as people stopped to show their support for the men and women in blue. Interestingly, more than half the people waving flags and holding signs were non-RWF members. They live in the community and wanted to demonstrate their appreciation for the men and women in law enforcement.

EDITORS – Please consider the attached letter with 162 signatures as a letter to the editor.

POLITICIANS – No matter what your political party, please know that the ever- growing Silent Majority supports law enforcement.

(The following is the text of the letter addressed to Gov. Gavin Newsom.)

Dear Gov. Newsom and other elected officials:

We, the undersigned, want to express our fervent support for the men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives daily to protect as. As law-abiding citizens, we absolutely do NOT want to defund police departments.


Nancy Hathcock

2020 President

Rossmoor-Los Alamitos Republican Women Federated

Los Alamitos, California

Editor’s note: Nancy Hathcock asked that the names of the signatures not be inclueded in the published letter. The Sun was provided with a hard copy of the letter and confirmed the signature count.)

Frustrated at lack of leadership on pandemic

Today (Monday, July 6) I listened to our governor’s daily briefing concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.  A caller from Orange County asked what recourse OC residents have when the majority of the Board of Supervisors and our own OC Sheriff will not enforce the sensible and safe requirement that we wear face coverings when in public.  I have been frustrated at the lack of leadership on this health and safety issue, but I am now quite concerned that Orange County stands to lose millions of dollars because our elected officials have prioritized their political ambitions over competent leadership for the benefit of the majority.

The state of California has set aside $2.5 BILLION to assist communities affected by this worldwide pandemic.  Those much needed funds will be withheld from Orange County residents/hospitals/businesses if our elected law enforcement choose to ignore legally required state mandates.  OC Sheriff Don Barnes has publicly said he hopes for “voluntary compliance” with the face covering mandate but that he will not enforce the law.

I am stunned and saddened that money set aside for the health and safety of Orange County residents will be directed elsewhere because my Orange County Board of Supervisors representative Michelle Steel, OC Sheriff Barnes, and others choose to put their political aspirations over the well-being of Orange County residents.  This is not the cold-and-flu season; this is a worldwide pandemic with hundreds of thousands of Americans dead, and I will work hard to see both Ms. Steel and OC Sheriff Barnes removed from office at the next election.  I invite you to do the same for Orange County’s future.  Shame on these elected officials for forgetting that they are public servants first and career politicians last.

Denise Miller


Is there a better way for Leisure World

Do Leisure World shareholders wonder if there is a better way to govern their community?  In 1977 the Laguna Woods shareholders had the good sense to merge their 21 co-operative mutuals to one.  What happened that Leisure World shareholders did not do that? Who now is championing the retention of 15 co-operative corporations in Leisure World as the very best way, the most effective way, the least expensive way to govern and do they have facts to back up their opinion? Talk is cheap.  Facts tell the truth.

Mutual elections are on the horizon.  Some ugly things are taking place.  Shareholders against shareholders with no civility. Power in the hands of a few.  No compromise. Attitudes of ‘my way or the highway.’ This is destructive, not constructive for the future of the community.

Leisure World shareholders are again asked to vote on by-laws changes that take away rights they currently have. Fortunately 7 mutual corporations voted no last year and hopefully they will do so again.  What happens to Leisure World property values when prospective buyers discover the complicated differences in mutuals? Do they buy or do they walk away? Different by-laws for each of the 15 corporations  benefits no one except the attorney.

Vote NO on changing the by-laws and start talking to your neighbors about making changes that benefit shareholders and reduce the out-of-control spending.

Anne Walshe

Seal Beach Leisure World

Mutual 9

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