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Editor misses big picture

While your Editor, Mr. [Ted] Apodaca, continues to use the Sun News as a mouthpiece for his personal parking dispute, he is missing the big picture.

Seal Beach is a small town dependent on visitors and residents to “shop local” to support our unique Main Street.

That Mr. Apodaca doesn’t park several blocks away and walk to work, or ride a bicycle, so that parking can be left available for patrons of our independent businesses is shocking given that the Sun News is well aware of the challenges local businesses have including parking.

If businesses do not have dedicated parking for their employees, businesses, including the Sun News, should do everything they can to leave neighborhood parking spaces open rather than seek loopholes in the laws to benefit themselves.


Ian Bishop

Old Town resident 

Seal Beach

Pony Baseball article

uplifting and inspiring

I’ve lived in Seal Beach for 44 years and coached local kids in baseball and soccer for more than a decade. The article written by Jeannette Andruss about Seal Beach Pony Baseball teaming with Beach Cities Miracle League was the single most inspiring and uplifting piece of local news I’ve read in all that time.

It lights me up to know that a group of children who often sit on the sidelines eager and enthused but excluded, now have an opportunity to just play as all kids do. How many children’s lives will be improved by simply understanding through familiarity and empathy.

What an amazing community we have that fosters people who model the best of human behavior and who care enough about one another to include everyone.

Jeff Shaw

Seal Beach

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