Letters to the Editor

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Three members of the Los Alamitos Board of Education, Meg Cutuli, Scott Fayette, Chris Forehan were given Recall notices at the Sept 28 Board meeting. This notice included 4 false, unsubstantiated and completely erroneous charges. Let’s separate Facts from Fiction:

Charge 1 Board “threatens mental and physical health of children.”

Fact:  Board follows Covid State mandates: Masks, distancing, testing/tracing, quarantine to keep children safe in school and allow our schools to stay opened!

Charge 2. Board “indoctrination of minor children with racial, hate, and sexual based curriculum.”

Fact:  After 2 years of extensive research & parent/community input Board adopted Ethnic Studies in compliance with the CA. Dept. of Ed. Requirements. The Big Lie that CRT is the curriculum is FALSE!

Charge 3.  Board “is sidestepping laws of the Brown Act.”

Fact: Board follows all legal requirements of the Brown Act. Agendas & Minutes for regular & special meetings posted, public comments called, the “open meeting” law is strictly enforced.

Charge:4 Board “stopped acting on behalf of our kid and families.”

Fact: Board continually communicates through newsletters, website, school campuses, etc. Simply look at the stellar reputation of this District.  Each school has been recognized as either a California or National Blue-Ribbon school. These awards speak to the caliber of the leadership in our District!

These charges would never have standing in our courts; however, anyone can be recalled in our state   with no vetting or analysis to identify the veracity of the charges.

Please contact your School Board Trustee and join in the effort to defeat this cynical recall!

Del Clark