Letter to the Editor: Thursday, March 19, 2015


A professional courtesy

My wife and I dine at Cafe Lafayette quite often and the new owner Tim should be commended for his fine efforts to enhance an already wonderful dining experience. The subtle changes to the interior and menu have made dining here even more enjoyable.

Because of Tim’s creative presence to enhance the atmosphere, he recently invited a one person musical entertainer to perform soft music and light jazz on a Monday evening. A classic touch for all the people who were enjoying the dining experience.All this came to an abrupt end due to some spineless individual reporting him to the city for an entertainment violation. In speaking to Tim he was unaware of the permit requirement and has since filed for one.

I am referring to individual as spineless due to the fact the person did not have the professional courtesy to talk to Tim. Rather than informing Tim and allowing Tim the opportunity to correct the problem he was abruptly informed. Thumbs Down to the individual who did this. Were they jealous to not have the foresight to think of this to help their own well being?

Tom Hetherington

Seal Beach

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Letter to the Editor: Thursday, March 19, 2015