Letter to the Editor: Thursday, April 12, 2018

How would you handle being homeless?

After reading Mike Kelly’s letter to the editor in the March 29th “Sun Newspaper,” I felt obligated to write in response. Homelessness has become a growing reality in our once seemingly immune Orange County community.

For sure, it has become infected in a critical way.

For the past three years, twice a week, I’ve bicycled from Leisure World, along the San Gabriel River to Seal Beach, but do not see the same ravaged landscape that Mr. Kelly described in his letter.

Maybe it’s that I’m on the “right” side of the river? It seems the slogan that the ruling political party rode into the White House on, “Make America Great Again,” has neglected to recognize all Americans.

The riverfront encampments along the banks of the river is not the Riviera and bears tragic witness to the daily struggle for survival that’s enough to test the hardiest of souls.

Where have those qualities that truly makes us a great country gone? It’s not the GNP, or the military/industrial complex, but in my estimation, it’s, Empathy, Charity, and Love for your fellow human being.

I hesitate to use the worn metaphor, “Don’t judge others until you’ve walked in their shoes,” but ask yourself to contemplate how you personally would handle the challenge of living on the streets, with no roof over your head, running water, or a reliable food source.

Stevin Cohen

Leisure World, Seal Beach