LB’s Partake Collective is new trend in dining

One of the larger kitchen areas is ready for use, with appliances installed.

A new idea in dining is taking shape in Long Beach that offers a chance for different culinary providers to connect with diners. Partake Collective is what is known as a ‘ghost kitchen’ offering different size spaces for food production that is then available for delivery, pickup or even consumption in a communal dining area.

Food producers can set up a kitchen immediately and begin providing food to the public and rentals are available for short term, or more permanent set ups. The three-story building at 456 Elm Avenue in Long Beach is 25,000 square feet and offers 21 different size kitchens.

For example, a popular popup kitchen can set up for a weekend, reach out to its followers through ads and social media and begin taking orders for delivery or takeout. Diners can put in their orders, be notified when their food is ready, and pick it up at Partake in a numbered storage cubby.

Whether a culinary company is looking for one-night rental, or a more permanent site, what Partake is offering them is simple one-stop shop that eliminates nearly all the “barriers to entry” when restaurants are opening brick and mortar stores.

“It’s as turnkey as it’s going to get,” CEO Adam Carrillo said.

Parktake also offers a dining room area that could be used by patrons. Partake will offer beer and wine through their license, so food providers can essentially piggyback on that so their customers can complete their dining options. There is also a market area, where some producers can offer packaged food items for sale, that are produced on the premises. Even companies not offering individual orders, such as catering companies, or those producing and packing for sale at other venues, can use the Partake facility.

The essential idea is to create an ecosystem that connects chefs, diners and food delivery companies in a space that can serve everyone’s needs. Kitchens can be rented fully stocked with appliances and cookware, or bare so renters can bring in their own equipment.

Partake’s Long Beach location opened in October and their second facility in Glassell Park, Los Angeles is scheduled to open in summer of 2023. The Long Beach location has five long-term or permanent restaurants listed on their website.

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