Kalmick names commission appointments

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The Seal Beach City Council last week approved Councilman Joe Kalmick’s appointments to represent Old Town and Surfside on city commissions and boards.

In related news, Barbara Barton resigned from the Environmental Quality Control Board on Feb. 27, according to a staff report by City Clerk Gloria Harper.

Kalmick appointed Steve Miller to the Planning Commission (replacing Victor Grgas), Brooke Mabe to the Recreation and Parks Commission (apparently replacing former Parks Commissioner Miller), Gary Allen to succeed Barton on the Environmental Board, reaffirming Seretta Fielding to the Seal Beach Communications Foundation and Jim Caviola to the Tree Advisory Board. Both Fielding and Caviola’s appointments are open-ended.

Kalmick recently explained the reasons for his selections during a telephone interview.

New Planning Commission member “Steve Miller has been a resident for several years now in Seal Beach,” Kalmick said. He said Miller is interested in making sure that people with non-conforming houses get a fair shake.

Kalmick said Miller definitely wants to keep the city’s current zoning laws in place.”

“Victor Grgas decided he’s put in his time,” Kalmick said.

Kalmick said Parks Commissioner Mabe was raised in Seal Beach, lived in Europe for a number of years and recently moved back to Seal Beach with her husband. They have two young daughters, according to the councilman. He described her as “energetic” and said she would want to keep up with what Recreation offers. “She also understands Seal Beach,” Kalmick said.

He said he thought she had insights into “what we can do in town besides the beach.”

Environmental Board Commissioner Allen has a PhD and “lengthy academic credential,” according to the Old Town representative. Kalmick said Commissioner Allen has worked in environmental programs for both the Air Force and Boeing. Allen is also a long-time resident.

“He would be a great choice to handle any issues that come along from a scientific standpoint.”

According to a city list of commission appointments last updated Feb. 27, the District Five Tree Advisory Board position has been vacant since last April. The District One, Three and Five positions on the Historic Preservation Committee have been vacant since last year. (The District One committee seat has been vacant since April 2018; District Three since September 2018 and District Five since February 2018.)

According to the city’s list, the District Four seat on the Communications Foundation board is vacant, but the document does not say how long the position has been vacant.