Guest Column: Be prepared for the chips and the ‘current revolution

The words “current” and “revolution” have a number of meanings. One of the current ones we usually think of at first is about the “electric current” from power sources such as the electric utility companies, generators, batteries, motors, aerospace, etal.

Other forms of current include the flow of a river; and the current “inner personal electricity” we feel, similar to the one my brother Jim felt when he danced with the beautiful, young actress, Donna Reed at a Hollywood USO during World War 2.

Items like metal coins, paper money, bank checks, credit and debit cards, natural foods,

manufactured products, and other tangible items are exchanged in a category known as “fluid currency.”

We dread to think about warfare such as the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and all the other current worldwide wars.

All sorts of “revolutionary travel” have progressed from the rides on animals like donkeys, horses, camels, etc. on through all the automotive vehicles, namely cars, trucks, airplanes and space travel. We almost always use revolutionary ways and methods.

I could continue with the subject of known “currencies and revolutions” but the most important ones of all are the prevalent, ever-growing types of communication devices in the “computer revolution.“

The world is experiencing the most amazing technical innovations in the use of various types of computers away from the huge ones that filled work-rooms only a few decades ago, and ultimately became reduced to desk-size, and mere hand-held and lap top communication instruments.

Historical studies (Ray Kurzwell) show that computers double their capacities about every twelve to eighteen months; also true of most of the information technology companies that use the vast array of computers.

As older and younger individuals, we have seen the evolution of Henry Ford’s mass production methods applied to all elements of automation; and we are now witnessing the initial, multiple uses of Artificial Intelligence, (“A I”), Robotics, Drones, 3D Printing, etc. whether we are directly involved or not.

The word, “chips” also is used in many ways. Some of the most familiar items are the potato chips, poker game chips, “chips-off-the-old-block” etc. A somewhat newer one is the “computer chip.” As revolutionary as it is and has been in use in computers, etal, WE “aint seen nothin’ yet.”

With a chip so teeny, a hundred computer chips can easily fit inside a device as small as a dime. “The science behind it states, “It is the greatest innovation in history surpassing ALL past technological marvels such as the printing press, the steam engine, and electricity.”

Experts predict “50 billion devices will utilize this new technology by 2020 … as its growth surges 8,000 %. This will be the greatest innovation in all history.

Note: Most of this information was researched from several reports I have read. I wrote this article primarily to bring this information to your attention. I can’t predict the future of anything, but I see and acknowledge all new forms of technology happening daily.

New itsy-bitsy chips that are so small that a hundred chips can fit on a dime, and advance us far ahead of any technology we have ever experienced to date. Less of this newer technology will have a long-lasting negative effect on the remaining members of “the Greatest Generation” as it may or could have on our children, grandchildren, great grandkids, and all other generations to come.

Meanwhile, most of us have seen or heard of the tremendous downsizing and complete closing of many large, well-known retail chains and manufacturing establishments. Many of these changes, in the progress of sales marketing, have already adversely affected or totally destroyed independent and national publication organizations, including many newspapers.

Many have rescued part of their business by using computers and “going online.”

Also, many newer methods of shopping have been and are currently used more profitably as we let our fingers and voices do all the walking and talking, primarily online via our computers. Instead of getting dressed, traveling in a vehicle, and physically appearing in a place of business, we can accomplish so much more, much easier, and in far less time, happily working on a personal computer.

Some extremely large well-known companies use newer ways of selling completely unrelated types of products and services along with their basic store-shelved merchandise.

To greatly expand their well-planned potential markets, innumerable companies, large and small are buying thousands of lists of names that include all types of our personal information gleaned from seemingly “innocent” surveys, contests, special trial offers, and “free” items. These organizations compile lists that are re-sold to uncountable lists of companies (and others) worldwide for various uses, mostly to sell any profitable products or services; and to political groups to help sway the choices of millions of voters.

We all need to become more aggressively determined in learning what we need to know, how to protect our money and other valuables, our reputations, family members and households, etc.

Be concerned, but not needlessly worried.

“Worry is the anticipation of something that may or may not happen, so people needlessly fret uselessly. Concern is the realization that there may be a problem, or maybe not, so we can take a bit of time to think, evaluate and determine what action to take, if necessary.”

The Boys Scout motto is “Be prepared.” Add “get prepared.” “There is nothing so constant as change.” … or “current revolutions.”

Bill Thomas of Rowntree Gardens in Stanton, CA is a Veteran of World War II, and Past Commander of VFW Post 4048, and American Legion Post 857. Contact Bill: