Faith column: Happy New Year from a reincarnated Greek-American

Bill Thomas

As a “pure Greek” in a previous life, I served as Alexander the Great’s Chief of Staff and publicity director (If it had not been for all my great literary statements and announcements, the world would never have known about our wonderful achievements).

Alex never wanted me to use the word “conquests.”

Alex and I were born in Pella, Macedon in 356 BC. He became the king of Macedon at age 20. We travelled on to many other near and distant countries to meet and defeat thousands of their populace and he acquired much real estate as we progressed.

Three hundred and fifty-six years later, the greatest birth of all time occurred. Innumerable millions of people worldwide annually celebrate the wonder-filled Christmas season. And in each of the ensuing centuries, fantastic and horrible situations have occurred… sad to say too many of them were caused by people. Minor battles and horrendous, lengthy wars have been fought causing much suffering, strife, countless wounds, and ultimate deaths. Unfortunately, most of the misery is caused by overly ambitious, greedy, corrupt, power-hungry egotists.

Fortunately, life goes on with long successions of births everywhere, growing into all types of individuals, most kind and loving, and some mean and hateful. Life goes on.

All through the ensuing centuries, hundreds of millions of people have witnessed life-threatening storms, hurricanes, floods, fires, losses of limbs and lives, costly destruction of valuable properties. Life continues despite the relentless onslaught of costly wars, destructive weather patterns, purposeful and/or careless errors in judgment, ongoing rates of crimes, etc. The lists of unrest, deep worries and concerns, hunger, misery and pain worldwide are endless.

But there are many rays of sunshine everywhere, especially when we seek and find.

The sunshine begins with a mind-change to a more positive attitude, a determination of can-do and will-do instead of can’t or won’t do, and a change to a more willing-to-do spirit.

As a modern born-in-America-Greek-American in the 21st century, in my 94th year, I wholeheartedly wish you a very sincere, happy new year in 2018 and numerous decades ahead.

Bill Thomas is a resident of Stanton. He can be reached at