Crime Log: Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017

Police tips for secure shopping during the holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time. This is also a time when many are purchasing gifts for friends, family or even yourself. Marketing is very important to retailers.

They place purchases in bags or shipping containers emblazoned with their logos and brand names. This inspires some to consider those retailers for their own shopping needs.

Unfortunately, it also unwittingly identifies some expensive items which can be appealing to some who prefer celebrating the holidays at your expense… literally.

Please consider the following tips and practices when you are making purchases either at local stores in person or on-line. When shopping at malls or retail centers consider the following;

• Place purchases in the trunk of your vehicle, or effectively hide them from sight, once you arrive back at your vehicle, not when you arrive at the next shopping destination. Thieves target victims by looking at the size, type and quantity of bags and items placed in an unattended vehicle. There is no such thing as a quick run into the store during the holidays.

• Lock your vehicle. Seems simple enough but you would be amazed at the number of thefts happening from unlocked vehicles. This one works year round.

• Consider taking really expensive items directly home. Thieves have been known to follow victims to their cars and even to their next shopping destination in order to steal expensive purchases, like computers and high end electronics.

• Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t be distracted when walking to your vehicle. Consider shopping with a friend.

When having items shipped to your home:

• Have someone available to receive your purchase.

• Have the purchase delivered to a neighbor, friend or relative who can be at home to accept the delivery.

• If possible, have the item shipped to the brick and mortar store associated with the purchase, e.g. Target, Best Buy, Apple, etc., for you to pick-up.

• The holidays can truly be the most wonderful time of the year.

Taking a few precautions when shopping can help ensure our cheers remain merry.

Crime Log Compiled by David N. Young

Editor’s note: No Seal Beach logs were available in time for this week’s issue of the Sun News.

Volunteer patrols: Sgt. Michael Henderson, public informaiton officer for the Seal Beach Police Department, says, “Every year our Volunteer-in-Police Services conduct additional patrols (foot and vehicle) in the shopping areas.  We will be doing the same this year.”

Wednesday, October 25

Suspicious—1:14 a.m— Findley and Holden—Police were called to the intersection when a white Toyota Camry was seen with one occupant and a passer-by reported it as suspicious. Police discovered, however, that the occupant was merely a California State University engineering student who was upset because his teammates were not taking him seriously as captain of their team. He was counseled.

Open Door—6:21 p.m.— Howard Avenue—Los Alamitos Police officers and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputiues responded to the report of an open door at a residence on Howard Avenue where Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant a few months earlier. No one was seen inside. Police contacted the property management company and were able to secure the front door.

Parking Issue—8:03 p.m—Green Avenue—Police were called to a residence on Green Avenue where a silver Lexus SUV was reportedly parked partially blocking the driveway of a neighbor, making it hard to pull in and out. Officers contacted the owners and they agreed to move the vehicle.

Suspicious Person—9:04 p.m— Los Alamitos Boulevard—Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person report on Los Alamitos Boulevard as a man in his early 20s, with a skateboard and cap on backwards, asked four people to borrow their cell phones to call his father to pick him up. The subject had already been kicked out of one local business and was apprehended on the patio of another fast food restaurant. Police did contact the boy’s dad who picked him up and took him home.

Cat—11:35 p.m— Howard Avenue—Officers responded to Howard Avenue after a resident said their cat had been missing for two weeks but suddenly heard it crying in a neighbor’s locked garage. Police knocked on the neighbor’s door. Door was open but no one answered. Police were eventually able to contact the neighbor and “cat has been recovered and on the way to the vet.”

Thursday, October 26

Suspicious Person—8:48 a.m— Katella Avenue—Police were called to investigate a man, comb in hand, wearing no shirt and apparently talking to himself walking along Katella near Wallingsford. The call had been transferred by California Highway Patrol. Los Alamitos Police officers quickly responded but were unable to locate the man on the scene.

Suspicious Person—4:23 p.m— Lexington Avenue—Police were called to Lexington Avenue to investigate reports of a man being detained in a gold Chrysler mini-van and a disturbed subject in possession of a bb gun and a dog. Police said the subject was not cooperative and possibly under the influence. Police arrested a 40-year man on suspicion of possession of illegal substances.