Crime Log: Regional police center hires new dispatcher


The West Cities Police Communications Center recently hired a Newport Beach dispatcher to serve as part time dispatcher for Sun Region communities.

Joseph Horton of the Newport Beach Police Department, joined West-Commas a part time lateral police dispatcher on Sunday, Dec. 13.

The term “lateral” means he was hired at the same rank he holds at his full-time NBPD job.

Horton is also a tactical dispatcher for the NBPD SWAT team.  He previously worked as a part time dispatcher for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Horton is a graduate of Garden Grove High School and a resident of Liguna Niguel.

According to, the communications center was created formed by a Joint Powers Agreement between the cities of Seal Beach, Los Alamitos and Cypress. West-comm also provides dispatch services to the Orange County Parks Rangers.

West-Comm has been located in the headquarters of the Seal Beach Police Department since 1997.

Crime Log Assembled by Charles M. Kelly

The crimes listed in the Sun Newspapers were reported to Seal Beach Police Department, Los Alamitos Police Department and Orange County Sheriff Department between Nov.  30 and  Dec. 13, 2009. Only street names are used; times given are reported times, not incident times. Crime Log entries are based on preliminary information. Space limitations make it impossible to publish every incident. Until proven guilty in a court of law, all suspects are considered innocent.


Monday, November 30

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—6:59 a.m.—Avalon Drive—The caller reported seeing two cars that kept pulling in and out of the park. Police looked into the incident and arrested one man for violating the Health and Safety Code. It turned out, he was wanted for violating the Health and Safety Code as well as violating his parole.

Petty Theft—3:24 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller reported that a woman in the store concealed earrings. The name of the store was redacted (blacked out) in the Crime Log. The suspect was arrested for petty theft.

Extra Patrol Checks Requested—7:39 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The caller said transients were breaking into the second floor restrooms. Message delivered.

Tuesday, December 1

Stray Animal—2:16 p.m.—Marlin Avenue and Marble Cove Way—Police unit 405 while on duty observed a brown or black Chihuahua running in and out of traffic. Dispatch relayed the message to Long Beach Animal Care Services. Police contained the dog  at 1241 Marlin Ave. Assisted.

Suspicious Person—8:12 p.m.—Catalina Avenue—The caller said an unknown man was at the door, asking for money for food. The caller did not open the door to get a look at the man. The man told the caller he was starving.

Wednesday, December 2

Found Bike—11:06 a.m.—12th Street and Seal Way—According to the Crime Log, the caller told police the bike had been chained to the rack for several years. Police unit 113 was unable to locate a serial number for the bike. Police looked for something to cut the lock.

Drunk—10:13 p.m.—Main Street—Two customers in a bar were drunk. The name of the bar was redacted (blacked out) in the log. The two reportedly drunk men were getting into disputes with other customers. Police unit 121 contacted the two men. They were counseled and left the bar.

Thursday, December 3

Transient—8:56 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—According to the caller, a man who appeared to be a transient was harassing customers at the business. The name of the business was redacted (blacked out) in the Crime Log. Police unit 1M3 contacted the man. He was warned about his behavior.

Burglary Report—5:58 p.m.—Seal Way—According to the caller, computers were taken from his residence while he was out of town. The crime apparently occurred between Friday, Nov. 20 and Sunday, Nov. 29.

Friday, December 4

Counseling—7:26 a.m.—Wisteria Street—The caller lent his rental vehicle to a friend who had failed to return the vehicle. Counseled.

Suspicious Person—9:27 a.m.—Balboa Drive and Bolsa Avenue—The caller said a Hispanic man in his early 20s were wandering around the neighborhood. The man did not look familiar to the caller. Police unit 113 contacted the man. He was interviewed in the field. He was apparently waiting for a ride from his boss.

Counseling—5:53 p.m.—13th Street—The caller parked his vehicle in front of his home. A white man threatened to vandalize the caller’s vehicle. The suspect apparently wanted that spot for the Seal Beach Christmas Parade.

Battery Report—8:57 p.m.—Electric Avenue and Main Street—Police unit 903 while on duty took a battery report. Battery is the illegal use of violence upon another human being. Assault is the illegal attempt to use violence on another human being.

Saturday, December 5

Disturbance, Noise—4:19 a.m.—13th Street—The caller heard loud pounding coming from a neighboring residential unit. The caller thought the resident was out of town. Police unit 123 checked. Someone who was allowed to be in the unit was trying to get rid of a skunk.

Found Bike—10:33 a.m.—10th Street—The caller found a red boy’s bike two weeks earlier in the apartment courtyard. The bike was still there. Report taken.

Sunday, December 6

Extra Patrol Checks Requested—6:35 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The caller requested extra patrol checks because a man the caller described as homeless had been frequenting the location and had been threatening customers. Police contacted a man who fit the suspect’s description. The man was interviewed in the field and advised about trespassing.

Public Works Information—10:44 a.m.—Marina Drive—The caller told police that there were a lot of leaves in the gutter near the storm drain. The caller thought that if it rained that night, the leaves would cause the drain to clog and flood the underground parking area. An officer checked. In the officer’s opinion, there were not enough leaves to clog the storm drain. The officer also pointed out that there was supposed to be street sweeping on Monday, Dec. 7, that would alleviate the problem with the leaves.

Neighbors—11:11 a.m.—Taper Drive—Neighbors got into an argument over one of them hanging Christmas tree lights. They were advised that this was a civil issue, not a police matter.

Grand Theft—6:19 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The caller reported the theft of a black, Downhill mountain bike valued at $2,500. The crime occurred within two hours prior to the call to police.


Tuesday, December 1

Suspicious Circumstances—10:59 p.m.—El Dorado Drive, unknown mutual—Police received a report of a man on the roof of a building. According o the report, it sounded as though someone was cutting through the roof.

The man on the roof seemed to have a headlamp on. Police checked. It turned out the man was a Leisure World employee. No further police service was required.

Friday, December 4

Possible Scam—11:24 a.m.—Homewood Road, Mutual 5—A Leisure World resident reported receiving a call from someone claiming to be her grandson and asking for money. She was counseled.

Saturday, December 5

Welfare Check—3:40 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—An elderly man came to the front gate of Leisure World. He appeared to be disoriented.

It was not known at the time if he was a Leisure World resident. It turned out he was a Garden Grove resident. Leisure World Security drove him home.


Monday, December 7

Traffic Hazard—6:07 p.m.—Bloomfield and Cerritos—A large branch blocked the sidewalk and the bike lane. The matter was referred to another city department.

Tuesday, December 8

Disturbance—11:31 a.m.—Farquhar Street—One person hit another in the back. Officers took a report.

Wednesday, December 9

Disturbance, Family—11:16 a.m.—Shasta Avenue—There was a fight over property inside a residence.

Thursday, December 10

Lost or Stolen Plate—5:34 p.m.—Farquhar Avenue—Someone stole the rear license plate from a vehicle sometime during the night. Report taken.

Friday, December 11

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—9:28 p.m.—Katella Avenue—An individual in a vehicle was asked to leave the area and refused.

Officers spoke with the individual, who then left the area.

Saturday, December 12

Transient—11:44 p.m.—Bloomfield—An individual was reportedly walking in the middle of the street and appeared to be staggering.

The caller described the individual as a transient.

Sunday, December 13

Citizen Assist—1:33 a.m.—Green Street—A man locked his keys in the car with a baby inside. Officers assisted.


Monday, December 7

Burglary Report—6:35 p.m.—Aceca Drive—This was a residential burglary—No further details were available.

Tuesday, December 8

Burglary Report—7:39 a.m.—Kensington Road—This was a vehicle burglary.

Wednesday, December 9

Petty Theft Report—9:17 a.m.—Rossmoor Way—An 11-foot snowman was taken from the front yard of a residence.

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—9:15 p.m.—Ballantine Drive—Someone in dark clothing was seen walking in the area.

Thursday, December 10

Open Door—12:13 p.m.—Coleridge Drive—The caller said the neighbor’s front door was open.

It turned out the neighbors were home.

Friday, December 11

Burglary Report—10:09 a.m.—Tigertail Drive—This was a vehicle burglary.

Burglary Report—6:32 p.m.—Copa D’Oro Drive— This was a vehicle burglary.

Annoying Phone Call—10:53 p.m.—Kempton Drive—This was a follow-up on a previously reported annoying phone call.


Thursday, December 10

Disturbance, Music or Party—10:19 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—Deputies responded to a complaint of loud music coming from a bar.

Friday, December 11

Disturbance—1:11 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—This was a berbal argument between a man and a woman inside a bar.  There was no violation of law.

Fraud Report—1:58 a.m.—Pacific Avenue—No further details were available.

Disturbance, Music or Party—9:56 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway and 17th Street—Deputies responded to a complaint about loud music coming from bar.

Brian Smith of the News-Enterprise contributed to this article.