Crime Log: Man arrested on suspicion of drunken disorderly conduct

Seal Beach Police Department


Sunday, December 31

Arrest—No time reported—Main Street—Police arrested Steven Dangelo on suspicion of drunken disorderly conduct. The report provided no further details.

Arrest—4:50 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—After a routine stop, police arrested Joshua Turner on suspicion of being in possession of a controlled substance.

Monday, January 1

Arrest—12:38 a.m.—Seal Way—After answering a call, police arrested Stephanie Wells on suspicion of inflicting injury on a coinhabitant or spouse.

Arrest- no time reported—Pacific Coast Highway—After a routine stop, police arrested Michael Lopez on suspicion of possessing illegal drug paraphernalia.


Tuesday, December 26

Door down—6:37 p.m.—Police had to call in the Orange County Fire Authority to help enter a residence on Farquhar Street to assist a woman who was apparently “under the influence” of prescription pills. Authorities gave medical aid once OCFA had gained entry into the residence.

Wandering Woman—3:15 a.m.—Los Alamtos officers responded when alerted that a woman was wandering near a Shell station on Los Alamitos Boulevard.

Police learned that the woman, approximately 60, had returned home the day after Christmas and could be suffering from dementia.

WEDNESday, December 27

Theft from Car—10:57 p.m. —Police were called to Kaylor Avenue to investigate the apparent theft of approximately $25,000 worth of stuff from a Ford F150 pickup truck. Police said no details of the equipment were available but described it as “medical equipment” and are investigating.

Thrusday, December 28

Disturbance, Family—12:12 p.m.—Police were called to Green Avenue to intercede in a family disturbance that seemed to have gotten a bit out of control.

The reporting party waited for officers outside the residence as a man emerged with black shorts and no shirt apparently upset over the reporting party wanting to “hang out with her friends.” Police tried to calm things down, saying the husband was “verbal” and “throwing things around.”

Friday, December 29
Hospital by Cab—11:08 p.m. —Police responded to a family disturbance on Green Avenue to find two family members and two children being transported to Cedars Sinai hospital by cab. Police said the subjects did not have valid driver’s licenses.

The reporting party recalled the same individual, one man and one woman yelling, possibly over a truck dispute.

David N. Young of the News-Enterprise contributed to this article.