Crime Log: Main Street rape case update: victim was sailor

The victim in the mid-April rape reported on Seal Beach Main Street was a female sailor, according to the public affairs officer for the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. Greg Smith, spokesman for the Navy base, said the suspect is a civilian.

Smith said the sailor was serving aboard a guided missile destroyer that was docked in Seal Beach in mid-April for a munitions operation. Smith was not permitted to release the name of the ship.

As previously reported in the Sun, the crime was reported to the Seal Beach Police Department at 10:15 a.m., Wednesday, April 13.

However, the dispatch log said the crime occurred the previous night at an unknown location on Main Street. Seal Beach Police Sgt. Steve Bowles said the city police agency was investigating the case with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

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Seal Beach Marine Safety report

The following information is provided by the city of Seal Beach Marine Safety (Lifeguard) Department for the week of Status report for the week of April 27 to  May 5, 2011.

Lifeguards performed 10 rescues, responded to 15 medical aid calls (of which one was a major medical aid call) and treated five stingray injuries. There were no boat rescues this week.

Seal Beach Junior Lifeguard Program starts May 31

The Seal Beach Junior Lifeguard Program is coming up. Registration is open and for new prospective Junior Guards. The swim test dates are as follows:

Tuesday, May 31, 5–7 p.m. at       McGaugh Elementary.

Thursday, June 2, 5–7 p.m. at       McGaugh Elementary.

Saturday, June 4, 7–10 a.m. at       McGaugh Elementary.

After completing the JG swim test, registration will take place at Marine Safety Headquarters Saturday, June 18 at 9 a.m.   For more information, call Marine Safety at (562) 430-2613.

Crime Log Assembled by Charles M. Kelly

The crimes listed in the Sun Newspapers were reported to Seal Beach Police Department, Los Alamitos Police Department and Orange County Sheriff Department between April 25 and  May 6, 2011.

Only street names are used; times given are reported times, not incident times.  Crime Log entries are based on preliminary information. Space limitations make it impossible to publish every incident. Until proven guilty in a court of law, all suspects are considered innocent.


Monday, April 25

Vehicle Burglary—9:47 a.m.—Main Street—Someone took the registration from the caller’s vehicle. The crime apparently occurred between 8 p.m., Sunday, April 24 and 9:15 a.m., Monday, April 25. Report taken.

Tuesday, April 26

Vehicle Burglary—3:58 a.m.—Fir Avenue—The caller said he thought he had just witnessed a vehicle burglary. The suspect was described as a man in his 30s, possibly white, who left in a white truck with a canopy traveling westbound on Fir Avenue. The caller said the suspect may have taken tools from a truck across the street. Report taken.

Dead Animal—5:43 p.m.—A Row, Surfside Colony—The caller reported a dead dolphin at the waterline. According to the dispatch log, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center would send a unit that night or the next day to retrieve the body so they could run tests on the remains. Referred.

Wednesday, April 27

Welfare Check—11:04 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said a dog inside a car in the parking lot appeared to be in distress.

The car had apparently gone to another address by the time the police unit arrived.

Signal—7:08 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and 405 Freeway—The caller wanted a police officer to check the traffic signal to make sure that it is phasing green long enough, due to the traffic being backed up on the 405 Freeway.

According to the log, police unit 241 determined that the traffic signal was functioning properly. However, traffic was taking longer at that time of day because of construction in the area. According to the log, a longer cycle would improve the situation.

Vehicle Burglary—7:38 p.m.—Main Street—The caller said the crime had occurred within the last hour. Point of entry: a smashed front driver’s side window. Loss: a GPS system valued at approximately $300. Police left a message for Public Works concerning the glass in the parking lot. Report taken.

Thursday, April 28

Dead Animal—5:27 a.m.—Ocean Avenue and Neptune Avenue—The dead opossum was referred to Long Beach Animal Care Services.

Vandalism Report—6:02 a.m.—Dogwood Avenue—The caller said that at 1 a.m., someone threw eggs at the front of the caller’s house. No report desired. Log item.

Friday, April 29

911 Hang-up—10:45 a.m.—Schooner Way—It took dispatchers three tries to reach a woman on call back. She said a child had been playing with the phone.

Suspicious Person—11:54 a.m.—Beachcomber Drive and Bolsa Avenue—The caller said two Hispanic men in their 20s were standing by a pickup. The caller did not recognize them as residents. Police unit 107 found four men doing work at a residence on Beachcomber Drive. Matter solved.

Welfare Check—3:37 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller reported two dogs in a vehicle with the windows slightly cracked open. The caller believed the dogs were in distress. A message was delivered to Long Beach Animal Care Services, but the estimated time of arrival was unknown. Citation issued.

Disturbance—4:59 p.m.—Balboa Drive and Driftwood Avenue—The caller said that juveniles standing on the corner of either Balboa Drive or Driftwood Avenue had thrown water balloons inside the school bus. The caller attempted to locate them, but could not. The caller wanted police to know. Log item.

Saturday, April 30

Injured Animal—6:59 a.m.—Ocean Avenue—The caller reported an injured raccoon at the curb between two cars. The caller tried to contact Long Beach Animal Care Services, but had no luck. The dispatcher delivered the message to the Long Beach Fire Department. Fire Department personnel said they would refer the matter to Animal Care Services.

Municipal Code Violation—8:04 a.m.—Seal Way—The caller complained that construction at a Seal Way location began at 7:30 a.m.

The caller said he had spoken to the construction crew at least a few times in the past week. Police unit 141 contacted the workers. They said they were present at 7:45 a.m., but didn’t begin working until 8 a.m. The crew was advised about the municipal code and they said they would comply.

Welfare Check—11:31 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—A woman with a small child was begging. The caller was concerned about the child’s welfare. The woman was described as Armenian. The caller could not provide any further description.

Petty Theft Report—3:13 p.m.—Ocean Avenue—The caller apparently left her purse on the beach on the south side of the Seal Beach Pier while she was in bathroom.

Someone took the purse. The caller was counseled.

Sunday, May 1

Welfare Check—4:35 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The caller said an elderly woman with a cane was walking westbound on Pacific Coast Highway.

The caller said she was walking in a suspicious manner in the bike lane. Police unit 207 escorted the elderly woman to 2nd Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach.

Grand Theft—10:54 a.m.—1st Street—The caller said a bike chained to a stairwell was stolen. The bike was valued at $2,000. Report taken.


Thursday, April 28

Traffic Stop—8:57 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The motorist had been drinking, but was not driving under the influence. Citation issued.

Friday, April 29

Traffic Hazard—5:34 p.m.—Katella Avenue and Los Alamitos Boulevard—An individual stood on the corner with a large sign soliciting God. The caller almost ran the traffic signal due to the sign blocking the traffic light.

Disturbance—11:21 p.m.—Noel Street—The caller complained about a loud party with people yelling in the back yard. The partiers were advised about the complaint and said they would comply.

Saturday, April 30

Water—5:32 p.m. —Katella Avenue and Siboney Street—The caller asked for a  police unit to check the office complex on southeast corner.

Sprinklers had been on around the building all day and water was flooding the area. A business owner was contacted, who called manager of building to let him know about the sprinklers.

Thursday, May 5

Traffic Hazard—4:57 p.m.—Katella Avenue and Lexington Drive—The caller said her husband’s plumbing truck had broken down on the westbound side of Katella Avenue. The motorist was assisted.


Monday, May 2

Burglary Report—7:28 a.m.—Davenport Road.

Burglary Report—9:13 a.m.—Weatherby Road.

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—3:09 p.m.—Yellowtail Drive.

Suspicious Vehicle—7:16 p.m.—Angler Lane.

Burglary Report—8 p.m.—Weatherby Road.

Tuesday, May 3

Identity Theft—9:48 a.m.—Orangewood Avenue.

Thursday, May 5

Welfare Check—2:23 a.m.—Rowena Drive.

Burglary Report—6:38 p.m.—Weatherby Road.


Monday, May 2

Unknown Trouble—8:10 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway.

Wednesday, May 4

Citizen Assist—10:18 p.m.—N. Pacific Avenue and 14th Street.

Thursday, May 5

Disturbance—4:39 a.m.—5th Street.

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—3:38 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway.

Disturbance, Family Dispute—10:06 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway and Warner Avenue.

Shelley Henderson of the News-Enterprise contributed to this article.