Crime Log

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Thursday, NOVEMBER 4

• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—11:12 a.m.—Westminster Avenue—A man asked the reporting person for help. The man said he couldn’t remove the nozzle from the gas pump. According to the reporting person, the man’s arms were covered with bandages and the reporting person did not think the man should be driving. According to the “close” column of the log entry, he apparently checked out.

• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—12:18 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—According to the reporting person, a man approached women—only women—in the parking lot at the location and asked them for money.

The reporting person did not see any weapons. According to the “close” column of the log entry, police were unable to locate him.

• Petty Theft Report (Priority 3)—12:39 a.m.—St. Andrews Drive (Leisure World)—The reporting person’s power saw was apparently stolen within the few minutes prior to the call to police. The saw was last seen on a bucket near his car. No suspect seen.

The value of the stolen property was redacted in the log. However, petty theft is currently defined as the taking of property or cash worth less than $950.

• Traffic Stop (Priority 4)—9:39 p.m.—Lampson Avenue and Candleberry Avenue (College Park East)—Police stopped a car. Based on warrants, Brayon Terrel Nance was arrested on suspicion of petty theft and suspicion of public intoxication.


• Disturbance (Priority 2)—2:09 a.m.—Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—According to the reporting person, a man and a woman in a unit at the location were having a verbal fight and playing loud music. However, police contacted the residents and determined they were just playing loud music.

• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—11:55 p.m.—10th Street (Old Town)—The reporting person asked man why he was there and the man in question became confrontational.

The reporting person was now gone from the area. Police were unable to locate the man in question.


• Pedestrian Check (Priority 3)—1:17 p.m.—Lampson Avenue and Seal Beach Boulevard—A police officer on their own initiative reminded a small political group not to block the sidewalk. Note that they were not blocking the sidewalk at the time of contact.

To ensure they complied, they repositioned themselves completely away from the sidewalk. The log did not specify the nature of their political activity.

• Disturbing Individual (Priority 2)—10:55 p.m.—Marvista Avenue (The Hill)—A man in a garage was yelling. The reporting person did not know what he was angry about. As of 11:15 p.m., police had apparently contacted the man. He was pacing. He did not want to go to the hospital and did not meet the criteria for detention under California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150.


• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—1:04 p.m.—Westminster Avenue—The reporting person said a man wearing a safari hat who had a camera with a long lens on the south side of Westminster Avenue. Police found a man taking pictures of a hawk.

• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—11:05 p.m.— Westminster Avenue—The reporting persons said a man was walking in the westbound lanes. Police contacted the man. He checked out OK and was walking in the bike lane.


• Suspicious Occupied Vehicle (Priority 2)—2:43 a.m.—Heather Street (College Park East)—A police unit checked out the occupant of a car.

Based on a warrant, police arrested James Trieu on suspicion of possession of a controlled substances formerly classified as a restricted dangerous drug.

• Transient (Priority )—3:30 p.m.—12th Street and Central Avenue (Old Town)—The reporting person told police that a transient man was talking to himself and the reporting person expressed concern for children in the area. Police were unable to locate the transient.

• Petty Theft (Priority 2)—3:57 p.m.—Coastline Drive (The Hill)—The reporting person said a man who the reporting person apparently described as a transient reportedly stole property from the reporting person’s neighbor’s home.

At or about 4:08 p.m., police contacted an individual who apparently met the description of the suspect. The property was returned to the owner. No prosecution desired. Individual released. Report taken to document incident.

• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—7:39 p.m.—Electric Avenue—The reporting person reported a female child crying and screaming for more than an hour.

A sibling told police that a 4-year-old child had been throwing a temper tantrum. Grandma picked up the 4-year-old.


• Counseling (Priority 3)—11:36 a.m.—911 Seal Beach Boulevard (SBPD headquarters)—The reporting person said teens playing lacrosse after hours had damaged his glass window and car hood multiple times. He said he has asked them to play on the other side of the field but they have not done so. He has contacted the school principal. Counseled.