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Wednesday, August 25

• Counseling – (Priority 3) – Fairfield Lane – 1:46 p.m. – The reporting person received a scam call from the “Treasury Department” regarding her social security number. The reporting person provided the caller with her information including the last four digits of her Social Security Number. The reporting person requested instructions on what to do. Two voicemails were left with directions on what to do.

• Counseling – (Priority 3) – Pacific Coast Highway – 1:47 p.m. – A large manila envelope was left at the reporting person’s business mailbox. The envelope contained court filings. It is unknown when the manilla envelope was left in the mailbox.

• Trespassing – (Priority 2) – Almond Avenue – 10:14 a.m. – The son of the residents was told that he was not to return home. The son was heard trying to break into the gate to the residence. The residents/parents were in the hospital at the time of the incident. The son seemed to be alone, he was barefoot wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and black shorts. He was seen getting tools out of the back of his van. Officers on scene gave verbal commands ordering the son to come out of the garage. Officers detained the son and was on the phone with the father.

• Transient – (Priority 3) – Seal Beach Boulevard – 11:40 a.m. – A transient was seen loitering in front of an undisclosed location. The male individual was reportedly disturbing the peace as he was having a verbal altercation with a customer. The reporting person called back and said the transient was only disturbing customers that were entering and exiting the store.

• Suspicious Property – (Priority 3) – Pacific Coast Highway and First Street – 6:20 a.m. – A suitcase was seen laying on the sidewalk between First Street and the bridge on Pacific Coast Highway. The suitcase turned out to be abandoned trash on the Long Beach side of the bridge and would be taken to the dumpster.

• Hazard – (Priority 2) – Ocean Avenue – 6:36 a.m. – The reporting person said there were downed power lines in the alley to the rear of the reporting person’s grey Honda Fit. The reporting person was unaware if the downed wires were live. The reporting person entered the area to show officers and the wires were cleaned up.

• Criminal Threats Reported – (Priority 3) – 10th Street – 6:53 p.m. – The reporting person was receiving threatening messages from his ex-roommate. The reporting person’s roommate reportedly said he would do physical harm to him.

• Transient – (Priority 3) – College Park Drive – 7:39 p.m. – A transient was seen unpacking his belongings near the front of the Edison Park sign.

• Traffic Hazard – (Priority 2) – 12th Street / Landing Avenue – 8:26 a.m. – The reporting person said the stop sign was on the ground. The reporting person described that cones are surrounding the fallen stop sign, when traveling from Seal Beach to Pacific Coast Highway you cannot view the stop sign due to the vehicles blocking the view of the sign. The reporting person is concerned due to the preschool and pedestrian crosswalk. Public Works were addressing the issue and replacing all of the stop signs around the city.

Thursday, August 26

• Fight – (Priority 2) – Seal Beach Boulevard – 10:11 p.m. – A caller reported two “bad guys” fighting in the parking lot of an undisclosed location. The call disconnected. According to the log, the caller sounded like a kid and the phone was pinging on 14th Street. When police called back, the number went to voicemail.

• Municipal Code Violation – (Priority 3) – Electric Avenue – 12:17 p.m. – A male individual was seen smoking on the Green Belt in front of a No Smoking sign.

• Suspicious Person – (Priority 2) – Main Street – 2 p.m. – Two male individuals appeared to be under the influence and were sitting in front of an undisclosed location. The reporting person said the individuals were no longer in the area and left inside of a blue BMW.

• Disturbing Music – (Priority 3) – Ocean Avenue – 3:05 p.m. – The reporting person heard a loud drummer on the pier. The reporting person said she had all of her windows closed and she could still hear the drummer.

• Welfare Check – (Priority 3) – Seal Beach Boulevard and North Gate Road – 3:09 p.m. – A female was seen trying to wave vehicles down.

• Fraud Report – (Priority 3) – Surfside Avenue – 4:40 p.m. – The reporting person lost an undisclosed amount of money to a phone scam. The reporting person did not want to file a report, but wanted to alert the police department about the situation. The reporting person was given tips on how to prevent fraud in the future.

• Petty Theft Reported – (Priority 3) – Seal Beach Boulevard – 5:52 p.m. – A male individual walked out of a store with a cart full of Corona beers. The individual fled the area in a grey Toyota.

• Suspicious Person – (Priority 2) – Lampson Avenue – An individual was seen coming to a door asking if the location was a hotel. This man’s clothes were ripped and were possibly under the influence. The individual was last seen walking northbound away from the location towards the intersection.

Friday, August 27

• Welfare Check – (Priority 2) – Northwood Road – 1:32 p.m. – The reporting person called Leisure World security attempting to see if she was home but they were not able to assist the reporting person. The reporting person went to the residence in hopes of contacting the individual but there was no one home at the residence.

• Transient – (Priority 3) – Ocean Avenue / Neptune Avenue – 10:32 a.m. – A male individual was seen yelling and the reporting person felt that the individual was under the influence. The man was seen walking towards Electric and the individual was alone.

• Illegally Parked Car – (Priority 4) – Main Street – 4:28 p.m. – A large truck was parked near an alley blocking the entrance way to the alley.

• Suspicious Person – (Priority 2) – 12th Street and Seal Way – 8:07 a.m. – A woman was seen walking westbound on the Boardwalk. The reporting persons said the woman had some type of holster on her hip. The reporting person also said there was a male individual trailing behind the woman. The reporting person added that they had not seen the individuals in question in the area before. Officers identified the holster as a knife holster with a knife inside of it. Officers also determined there was no crime committed and the individuals were not causing any problems.

• Petty Theft Reported – (Priority 3) – Main Street – 9:57 a.m. – Occurring sometime during the night, three kimonos and two necklaces of undisclosed value were stolen from the reporting person. The suspected individuals were recorded on video.

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