Crime Log

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Sunday, August 22

• Vandalism—(Priority 3)—Northwood Road—1:05 p.m.—The reporting person stated they saw spray paint on the back of their Kia Sorento.

The reporting person believed this occurred sometime during the night and they might have information about a possible suspect.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Seal Beach Boulevard—10:26 a.m.—A male individual was sitting on a bus bench closest to Main Street.

The individual looked to be in his 30s, he had a beard and was wearing a grey sweatshirt.

The man told security he had been drinking. A non-resident told the reporting person that the man was confused.

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—Catalina Avenue—10:27 a.m.— The reporting person believed her ex was in the city.

The reporting person also advised police that her ex was currently on parole and had a restraining order.

• Disturbing Music—(Priority 3)—Main Street—11:21 p.m.—A man was heard and seen playing the piano.

• Disturbing Music—(Priority 3)—Lampson Avenue—11:27 p.m.—The reporting person heard loud music and announcements.

The reporting person stated they would sign a complaint.

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—Seal Beach Boulevard—11:45 p.m.—The reporting person was concerned because no one was answering him at the drive thru of a business.

The reporting person saw a mop out at the business.

The reporting person left the business as it turned out to be closed.

• Found Bicycle—(Priority 4)—10th Street—4:02 p.m.—An unknown individual left a black and silver bike behind a gate on a property.

It was off the alley at the location.

• Disturbing Juvies—(Priority 3)—Crestview Avenue and Bayside Drive—4:02 p.m.—Two juveniles approximately 10 years of age were seen riding around in circles in a golf cart.

• Patrol Check—(Priority 3)—Crestview Avenue and Bayside Drive—7:21 p.m.—Two kids were seen driving a golf cart.

The kids were approximately 8 to 12 years old, with the 8-year-old driving the cart.

The reporting person thought the kids were associated with a resident of Crestview.

The reporting person is unknown of the exact location of the residence but the golf cart continued to make laps around the area.

• Disturbing Subject—(Priority 2)—North Gate Road—7:33 p.m.—A male individual in the parking lot was disturbing the peace.

Leisure World Security contacted the individual, who was not a resident.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Pacific Coast Highway—8:09 a.m.—A male individual, seen wearing a plaid shirt and black pants, walked continuously in and out of a store, bothering customers. The individual was later seen at the bus stop.

• Malicious Mischief to Vehicle—(Priority 3)—Northwood Road—8:29 p.m. – Sometime during the night or earlier in the day, someone spray-painted over the reporting person’s parking sticker.

Plants were also cut at the residence.

Monday, August 23

• Disturbance—(Priority 2)—Main Street—2:04 a.m.— Three males in a brown truck were causing a disturbance with another male individual who was on foot.

Tuesday, August 24

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—4:24 a.m.—A female possibly suffering from mental health issues was seen waiting outside the location.

The female was given a hot cocoa while waiting then left the area. The reporting person wanted her sent on her way.

• Disturbing Subject—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—7:23 a.m.—A male individual was seen sitting on top of a boat in the parking lot, throwing items outside of the boat.

The reporting person was standing by.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Main Street—1:48 p.m. – An individual who appeared to be transient was reportedly loitering and talking to himself.

The reporting person stated that the transient was scaring customers.

The reporting person also requested that an officer tell the transient to “move along.”

• Disturbing Music—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—10:53 p.m.—Loud music was heard coming from the parking lot. The reporting person saw approximately 10 individuals in the area. Another person reported the same loud music but stated that he saw five vehicles playing loud music. Officers at the scene heard no loud music being played.

• Patrol Check—(Priority 3)—16th Street and Landing Avenue—4:18 p.m.—The reporting person witnessed juveniles riding electric scooters.

The reporting person observed two scooters with two kids on each of them.

The reporting person was worried they might get hurt.

• Identity Theft—(Priority 3)—Interlachen Road—4:20 p.m.—An unknown individual attempted to hack into the bank account of the reporting person.

The reporting person received a scam email and advised that he had already cleaned his computer. There was no loss and the reporting person called their credit card agency for fraud monitoring.