Crime Log


Crime Log Compiled
by Chris Martinez


Tuesday, August 10

• Vehicle Check—(Priority 3)—Pacific Coast Highway—7:31 a.m.—A vehicle was parked in the rear corner of the parking lot for five days. Officers checked the vehicle, and the windows were covered.

• Found Property—(Priority 4)—Seal Beach Boulevard—12:49 p.m.—An unnamed individual turned in a license plate to the reporting person.

The license plate would be sent to the DMV to be returned to the owner.

• Illegal Dumping—(Priority 3)—Beachcomber Drive—3:40 p.m.—An unknown individual delivered a large stack of decking in front of the reporting person’s residence.

The decking measured 25×4 and was blocking the sidewalk as well as the reporting person’s driveway.

The reporting person had no idea who the delivery belonged to and requested assistance from the Seal Beach Police Department.

• Found Property—(Priority 4)—Central Avenue—3:57 p.m.—An unknow individual dropped off a vehicle registration tab at the Fire Station.

• Traffic Stop—(Priority 4)—Seal Beach Boulevard—4:19 p.m.—A driver complained of heat exhaustion.

Medics were notified but the driver refused medical attention.

Police issued a citation and a re-evaluation with the DMV.

• Medical Aid—(Priority 1)—Cumberland Drive—4:39 p.m.—The reporting person’s roommate was downstairs in the garage, a 55-year-old man who was not responding. It was unknown if the man individual was breathing.

According to the reporting person there was fluid coming from the back of the roommate’s head, his eyes were partially open but he was not moving and was lying flat on his back.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Pacific Coast Highway—4:40 p.m.—A man described as in his 30s wearing a grey jacket and red bandanna was reportedly scaring customers.

The individual in question was seen with bags. Officers spoke to the reporting person and were aware of the individual.

• Suspicious—(Priority 2)—Ocean Avenue—5 p.m.—About 15 minutes prior to the reporting person making a call to report the incident. She saw three adults in their 20s, one man and two women.

One of the women appeared to be confused and out of it according to the reporting person. Both the man and other women kept grabbing the first woman and walked her down to the water. The reporting person stated that she also had pictures on her phone if needed.

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—Seal Beach Boulevard—6:09 p.m.—An elderly man was seen struggling to get in and out of his mobile home in the parking lot.

According to the reporting person. he saw the elderly man sitting in the driver’s seat of the mobile home.

A second individual stopped to help the elderly man into the mobile home.

Officers arrived on scene and issued the driver a citation for multiple moving violations and a DMV re-examination.

• Petty Theft Reported—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—6:16 p.m.—Between 12:30 and 1 p.m.—The reporting person was on Seal Beach Boulevard when an unknown suspect took her wallet out of her purse. The unknown suspect had already attempted to use her credit card, but they were denied any transaction. Officers spoke with the reporting person; she had no description and was unaware of any additional charges that could have been made prior to the other denied charges.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Pacific Coast Highway—7 p.m.—A male transient was seen loitering near a dumpster according to the reporting person.

The reporting person lives in the area and said the transient had been there all day.

The reporting person noted that the transient was seen holding his head and did not know if the individual was injured.

• Hail by Citizen—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—8:44 p.m.—Officers were standing by with juveniles regarding a bike lock. The parents of the juveniles were in route with tools to assist the juveniles.

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—8:57 p.m.—A male individual was seen curled up on the ground in the bike lane. The reporting person had almost hit him. Officers on scene checked on the individual and he was assessed as being OK.

The individual then walked away unharmed.

• Petty Theft Reported—(Priority 3)—Pacific Coast Highway—9:29 p.m.—The reporting person advised that around 9 p.m., the reporting person walked in and three males ran out with seven to eight bottles of champagne. The individuals jumped into an unknown vehicle, with an unknown description. No weapons were seen.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Wisteria Street—11:33 p.m.—The reporting person stated an individual had something in their hand but couldn’t make out what it was.

The reporting person was unable to identify if the individual was a male or female.

Wednesday, August 11

• Disturbing Noise—(Priority 3)—Cottonwood Lane—4:35 a.m.—The reporting person said they had heard loud music coming from inside a location since 4 a.m.

The reporting person also reported hearing people from the location talking loudly.

• Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—(Priority 2)—Seal Beach Boulevard—10:10 a.m.—An older male individual was seen in a redone bus while eating a bag of chips while staring into the reporting person’s residence, scaring her kids. Officers asked the male individual to leave the area and he cooperated.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Main Street—10:28 a.m.—A female transient was seen urinating in a cup and threatening to throw it at people.

The reporting person stated the transient was at the same location earlier in the day.

• Vehicle Blocking—(Priority 3)—3rd Street—11:14 a.m.—A vehicle was blocking the entrance to the reporting person’s driveway off central. The reporting person contacted the owner of the vehicle and it was eventually moved.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Electric Avenue and Ocean Avenue—11:57 a.m.—At a dead end near a tree, the reporting person saw a male individual with dark hair and covered in a grey blanket huffing a canister.

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