Crime Log

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• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—8:48 a.m.—Seal Way (Old Town) – The caller said,  that there was a suspicious man was at the back door of his home. When approached by the caller, he said, “Oh, I’m not doing anything” and the suspicious person promptly left the scene in his own car.

• Medical Aid (Priority 1)—10:04 a.m.—Jasmin Circle  (College Park East)—The reporting person said,  that their 62-year-old brother had passed out and was not breathing after complaining of having chest pains prior. The dispatcher gave the reporting person CPR instructions. The brother woke and began breathing again.

• Counseling (Priority 3)—11:13 a.m.—North Gate Road—The caller said,  that an elderly patient was left on the toilet for 25 minutes without assistance. The patient did not sustain injuries; an internal investigation is to be conducted concerning three employees responsible for the patient’s well-being.

• Medical Aid (Priority 1)—11:47 a.m.—Oak Hills Drive—The reporting person said that their son amputated his own hand on purpose and was lying in bed. The location was cleared by police and the Orange County Fire Authority were allowed to administer medical treatment.

• Reckless Driver(s)  (Priority 2)—12:29 p.m.—College Park Drive (College Park West)—Three 4x4s were spotted in the back of the park, doing donuts around the Baseball Diamond. Police were unable to locate the vehicles. Police found that the gate securing the park had been broken. Public Works staff members were aware of the gate being broken and were already in the process of building a new gate.


• Traffic Hazard (Priority 2)—1:33 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway –  Police checked on a young man walking back and forth across Pacific Coast Highway.

• Disorderly Conduct (Priority 2)—6:37 p.m.—Main Street (Old Town) –  Vincent Mesta, 39, was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.

• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—8:32 p.m.—North Gate Road – Raul Valenzuela, 40, was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and possession of methamphetamines or certain narcotics for personal use.

• Disorderly Conduct (Priority 2)—9:29 p.m.—Main Street (Old Town) –  Prom Sopheary, 34, was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication after having a verbal altercation with the staff of a local business.

• Disorderly Conduct (Priority 3)—9:46 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway –  Kevin Orourke, 53, was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.


• Car Check (Priority 3)—1:02 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard –  The police interviewed an individual who was waiting in their car. The individual explained they were waiting for a store to open in order to purchase Pokemon cards.

• Transient (Priority 3)—8:42 a.m.—Twelfth Street (Old Town) – The caller said a transient man set up camp on the sidewalk. Police were unable to locate the individual.

• Vandalism  (Priority 3)—6:20 p.m.—Westminster Avenue – Someone painted graffiti on a green electrical box. Report taken.

• Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Priority 3)—6:46 p.m.—Marina Drive –  The reporting person said that several juveniles were shooting airsoft guns at other juveniles in the area.


• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—6:06 a.m.—Electric Avenue and Seal Beach Boulevard – Christiania Shipley, 39, was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance with the intent of sale.

• Car Burglary (Priority 3)—12:15 p.m.—Apollo Court – The caller said their car was ransacked. Report taken.

• Municipal Code (Priority 3)—2:09  p.m.—Ocean Avenue and Neptune Avenue (Old Town) – Two cars became stuck after the drivers attempted to drive on the beach. Police cited the drivers. Police called Public Works to remove the cars.

• Disturbing the Peace (Priority 2)—6:36 p.m.—First Street–Two different callers reported that a woman, possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and with a lizard on her head, was throwing items out of her car onto the street. The woman was reported to be armed with a Taser and to be waiving it in the air. Police were unable to locate her.


• Disturbing the Peace (Priority 2)—12:25 a.m.—Main Street (Old Town) – Justin Shans-khalil, 27, was arrested on suspicion of inflicting injury on a spouse or cohabitant Main Street.

• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—6:00 p.m.—Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway – An elderly man was spotted walking while his pants were constantly falling down. Police were unable to locate him.

• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—6:28 p.m.—Fourteenth Street – Austin Raban, 29, was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.