Crime Log

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Editor’s note: This week’s Seal Beach Crime Log is based on three detailed versions of the log and one summary ver-sion of the log, totaling 97 pages. The source documents were provided by the Seal Beach Police Department.

Space makes it impossible to include all instances and arrests.



Found Property (Priority 4)—11:26 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and Rossmoor Center—A large hunting knife was found in the roadway on the southbound side of Seal Beach Boulevard, just before the intersection. Police retrieved the item. Assisted.

Counseling (Priority 3)—Main Street and Ocean Avenue—The reporting person told police that during the Aug. 29 Black Lives Matter demonstration, people were blocking the intersection. As she walked through, a drone hit her leg. The reporting person stated that the person who owns the drone was now accusing her of vandalizing the drone. Log item.

Transient (Priority 3)—Surfside Avenue—the reporting person said a transient man walking on the beach kept going up to homes. Police were unable to locate him.

Disturbing Individual (Priority 2)—3:09 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway (Old Town)—The reporting person said a wom-an who had been drinking beer earlier was now running around the parking lot and the alley near the donut shop, yelling and frightening the reporting person’s children. As of 3:10 p.m., the woman was reportedly carrying a beer and crying. As of 3:17 p.m., police requested medics. As of 3:41 p.m., she was being transported to another location, which was blacked out in the log.

Transient (Priority 3)—6:03 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard (Old Town)—The reporting person said a transient man was smoking a cigarette and drinking beer in front of the location. As of 6:12 p.m., police contacted one individual. That indi-vidual was cited for having an open container of alcohol and was sent on his way. His name was not included in the log.

Disturbing Party (Priority 3)—6:18 p.m.—Dogwood Avenue (College Park East)—The reporting person complained about a loud party in a backyard. The reporting person asked them to quiet down an hour earlier, but the party was still going on. Police apparently advised/warned/counseled the person responsible for the party about the noise complain.

Extra Patrol Checks Requested (Priority 4)—7:38 p.m.—First Street and Marina Drive—The reporting person noticed a bicyclist almost being hit by speeding cars. The reporting person requested patrol checks for speeding cars between 7 and 10 p.m.


Petty theft Report (Priority 3)—10:52 a.m.—Sandpiper Drive—The reporting person said that someone took a Rolex, pearls, an opal ring and diamond earrings. The value of the stolen property was not included in the log entry, but petty theft is defined as the taking of property or cash worth less than $950. Report taken.

Check Area (Priority 2)—12:51 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and Southbound 405 Freeway—The reporting person said a car was parked along a memorial at the location. The reporting person said the driver left liquor bottles at the location that might be full, though the reporting person did not know that for certain. The reporting person said the driver was drinking out of a red cup. The car was gone when police arrived. Police did not find liquor bottles. They found religious themed candles.

Transient (Priority 3)—1:01 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and Westminster Avenue—The reporting person said that a man who she apparently described as a transient threatened the reporting person while she was at a bus stop. She said he was last seen walking westbound on Westminster. When police arrived, she was no longer present as the reporting person apparently got on the bus. Police checked on Westminster and in the shopping center near Leisure World. The man in ques-tion had apparently gone somewhere else.

Transient (Priority 3)—3:26 p.m.—Neptune Avenue and Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—The reporting person said a transi-ent man had been talking to himself on the sand since 9 a.m. By 3:52 p.m., he was no longer there. In any event, there was no violation of law.

Disturbing Noise (Priority 3)—3:26 p.m.—Neptune Avenue and Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—The reporting person complained about skateboarders making noise in the parking lot. They were gone when police arrived.


Parking Complaint (Priority 4)—7:35 a.m.—Hazelnut Avenue (College Park East)—The reporting person complained about a double-parked construction truck and trailer. The reporting person said it was an ongoing problem. As of 8:04  a.m., the registered owner of the truck was contacted, and the truck was being moved. They were apparently ad-vised/warned/counseled against double-parking.

Illegally Parked Car (Priority 4)—8:03 a.m.—Marina Drive and Seventh Street—Public Works reported that they were unable to get equipment into the location because of a car in the no parking construction zone. Police were able to contact someone with the owner’s contact information and a key, so they were able to push the car out of the way. NO citation was issued as the signage was put in place by the city less than 24 hours prior.

Car Burglary (Priority 3)—10:47 a.m.—Electric Avenue and 12th Street—Point of entry: a smashed window. Loss: un-known at that time. Occurred overnight. Report taken.

Burglary Report (Priority 3)—3:36 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The reporting person said their bank security box was broken into. The theft occurred sometime since Feb. 20, 2016. Loss: jewelry and gold. Report taken.

Fraud (Priority 2)—4:27 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The reporting person said a guest inside a room was using a fraudulent credit card. A man and woman were both in the room, apparently with kids. As of 4:30 p.m., the reporting per-son said they had received a call from the victim about her credit card being used. As of 4:43 p.m., the victim called the police. She said she wanted to press charges. As of 5:14 p.m., police determined the room was vacant. Report taken.

Burglary Report (Priority 3)—4:56 p.m.—Elder Avenue (College Park East)—The burglary apparently took place over the previous four days. Point of entry: unknown. The home was under construction. Loss: various items were missing. Report taken.

Fraud (Priority 2)—5:59 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—A man gave someone at the location a fake $10 bill. He was still present. As of 6 p.m., he was being cooperative. As of 6:12 p.m., responding officers apparently determined no further law enforcement services were required at that location. Report taken.


Disturbing Party (Priority 3)—12:02 a.m.—Eighth Street—The reporting person complained about a party at a vacation rental located by the pool. As of 12:09 a.m., police contacted the partiers. The person responsible for the party said he had been contacted by Airbnb already and would go inside.

Arrest—Avalon Drive and Catalina Avenue—Seal Beach Police arrested Courtney Lynn Peterson on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia.


Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway and 17th Street—Police arrested Robert Gates on suspicion of misdemeanor dis-orderly conduct: alcohol. (M), at 1698 Pacific Coast Hwy/17th St, Seal Beach, on 09/12/2020.


Arrest—Seal Beach Boulevard and Rossmoor Center Way—Police arrested Michael Norris on suspicion of mis-demeanor DUI Alcohol.

Arrest—Fifth Street—Police arrested Andy Samuel Moreira on suspicion of misdemeanor obstructing/or re-sisting/etc., a public/peace officer/or emergency medical technician at 213 5th St, Seal Beach, on 09/13/2020.


Arrest—First Street and Marina Drive—Police arrested August James Morrow on suspicion of misdemeanor DUI Alcohol.


Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway and Anderson Street—Police arrested Michael James Churcher on suspicion of misdemeanor driving with a suspended or revoked license.