Crime Log

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Editor’s note: This week’s Seal Beach Crime Log is based on five detailed versions of the log and one summary version of the log, totaling  173 pages.

The source documents were provided by the Seal Beach Police Department. Space makes it impossible to include all instances and arrests.



• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—8:26 a.m.—Fifth Street and Ocean Avenue—The caller reported a man masturbating and acting erratically. As of 8:28 a.m., the caller said he was talking to himself. As of 8:33 a.m., police contacted him. Police arrested Shaun Francis Marion Bradley on suspicion of possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.

• Municipal Code Complaint (Priority 3)—12:25 p.m.—Ocean Avenue—This was a re-opened code enforcement call. As of 12:26 p.m., the reporting person said skateboarders had been cited and warned already about using the skate ramp. As of 1:09 p.m., police had counseled the reporting person about code enforcement as well as the landlord to seek a long-term solution.

• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—1:43 p.m.—Lampson Avenue and Heather Street (College Park East)—The caller reported an elderly man, sitting partially on the curb and partially on the street. It appeared his bicycle had a flat tire. Police were unable to locate him.


• Municipal Code Complaint (Priority 3)—9:07 a.m.—Bolsa Avenue—The caller said a man had a dog off leash on the field. The Australian shepherd came up to the caller and her baby. The caller confronted the dog owner and he became hostile. The man and the dog were already gone when police arrived.

• Burglary Report (Priority 3)—12:49 p.m.—Marina Drive (Old Town)—The crime occurred at about 5 p.m., July 10. According to the caller, the suspect concealed one bottle of champagne and walked out the door with a second. Report taken.

• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—7:07 p.m.—St. Andrews Drive (Leisure World)—The caller said an individual had not been seen for two days. As of 7:18 p.m., police contacted the man at the front door of his home. He was watching TV. The caller was advised of the disposition of the call.


• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—7:51 a.m.—Ocean Avenue and Dolphin Avenue—A man grabbed the caller’s sister on the shoulder as she walked by. He rambled something to her about an evil face. Police were unable to locate him.

• Citizen Assist (Priority 3)—9:39 a.m.—College Park Drive (College Park West)—The caller told police that the Public Works Department had changed the locks at the location. The caller requested that Public Works come out to open the location. Message sent to Public Works. Assisted.

• Disturbing Subject (Priority 2)—2:29 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard (Leisure World)—The caller said an individual was filming a Leisure World officer. As of 2:31 p.m., he was no longer filming. As of 2:33, he was yelling at the guards about their masks. As of 2:34 p.m., he had a baseball bat. As of 2:36 p.m., he was hitting rocks with a baseball bat by the wall near his parked car. The caller described him as a Leisure World resident. The caller provided dispatch with the man’s address. Police apparently counseled the man.


• Municipal Code Complaint (Priority 3)—10:10 a.m.—Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—The caller said two women and a man were digging through the trash. They were last seen going through the back alley, going toward the ocean. The caller said they were on foot. The caller said the man usually drives, but the caller didn’t’ see a vehicle that day. The caller was apparently counseled.

• Transient (Priority 3)—1:52 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said a man was acting aggressively. The man, who she apparently described as a transient, was last seen on a bus bench off Seal Beach Boulevard. Police were unable to locate him.

• Traffic Stop (Priority 4)—5:03 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—Police stopped a car. Based on a warrant, police arrested Steven Hayden Goosemarakon on suspicion of drunken driving .


• Transient (Priority 3)—7:46 p.m.—Main Street (Old Town)—The caller said a man, apparently a transient, was sitting in front of the business, bothering patrons and passers by. Police were unable to locate him.


• Car Burglary (Priority 3)—12:25 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller arrived at the location and found that someone had broken into her boss’s car. The truck was damaged and it appeared someone had rummage through the contents. As of 12:28 a.m., the caller advised police that the boss was out of town. She said she would try to contact him As of 12:53 a.m., the victim had decided not to prosecute. Report taken.

• Smoke Investigation (Priority 2)—3:20 a.m.—El Dorado Drive—The caller woke up to the noise of smoke detectors sounding a warning. The caller could see a little smoke. As of 3:21 a.m., the Orange County Fire Authority was en route. As of 3:29 a.m., the occupants were out of the residence and the OCFA was investigating. As of 4:19 a.m., it was determined that the smoke came from an air conditioning unit. OCFA was clear. Assisted.

• Arrest—Pelorus Avenue—Kendrick Dwayne Hopson was arrested on suspicion of felony inflicting injuring of a spouse/co-habitant/etc.


• Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway (Huntington Beach)—Seal Beach Police arrested Penina Aulelei Hayes on suspicion of possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.


• Arrest—Seal Beach Boulevard—Police arrested Derrell Marquis James on suspicion of misdemeanor shoplifting of less than $950 worth of property.

• Arrest—Seal Beach Boulevard—Police arrested Janelle Carol Murawski on suspicion of misdemeanor shoplifting of less than $950 worth of property.

• Arrest—College Park Drive—Police arrested Steven Henry Foss on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.

• Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway—Police arrested Samuel Beltran on suspicion of misdemeanor carrying a switchblade knife on his person.


• Arrest—Ocean Avenue—Police arrested Jayda Charlette Su`e. (Sic)


• Arrest—Ocean Avenue—Police arrested Pamela Ann Meadows on suspicion of felony inflicting injury on a spouse/co-habitant/etc.