Council approves contract with consultant for Lampson Avenue project

The Seal Beach City Council this week approved an agreement with AKM Consulting to manage the Lampson Avenue Well project for a maximum of $299,322.

The project would address the sulfur odor that sometimes comes from the Lampson Well.

The resolution rejected all other proposals on the project. The council also authorized the city manager to approve up $20,000 in additional work orders for the project.

This was an item on the Consent Calendar. Consent items are voted on collectively, without discussion unless pulled from the calendar for separate consideration. This item was not pulled for separate consideration.


Seal Beach owns four water wells, including the Lampson Well at the end of the Old Ranch Country Club, according to the staff report by Acting Public Works Director Iris Lee.

“When Lampson Well runs for long periods of time or at higher flow rates, there is an increase in hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentrations,” Lee wrote.

“While H2S is identified under the National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations for aesthetic effects and is not a health and safety concern, the nuisance odor from H2S is distinct,” Lee wrote.

“As such, the Lampson Well Treatment System (Project) was budgeted into the Capital Improvement Program to permanently treat this nuisance odor and ultimately increase well production capacity and operational flexibility,” Lee wrote.

“The Project is nearing design completion,” Lee wrote.

“As AKM prepared the City’s Water Master Plan and several water system designs, they are familiar with the Project site, scope, and needs,” Lee wrote.