‘Connect Ministry’ brings more people to Calvary Chapel of the Harbour

Jeff Thomas with his 13-year-old son, Duke, who acted in the church’s Christmas Carol Production. Photo by Chris MacDonald

A new “Connect Ministry,” designed to help people get involved in what they’re passionate about, has been launched at Sunset Beach’s Calvary Chapel of the Harbour (in Peter’s Landing Marina). “It’s a real hit. We’re getting more and more people coming to our church and getting involved in just what they want to learn or love doing,” said Assistant Pastor Craig Peterson. “We have opportunities for folks to learn or serve in Hospitality, Multi-Media, Ushering, Children’s Ministry, Play Acting and Production and many other fun, rewarding experiences. What’s neat is that new folks bond with others and feel like they’re really helping make a difference.”

The Connect Ministry was the idea of Jeff Thomas, a local resident and physical therapy business owner, who went to Church Administrator Brenda Garcia to make it happen. “When new people come, they often don’t know how to get involved,” said Thomas, who evolved the idea with his wife, Natalie. “So we started a the voluntary program. People can either ask a pastor, church member or simply fill out a web form (at ccoth.com) that will automatically be emailed to the ministry or service opportunity they are interested in. They will be contacted to share their own spiritual gifts. Before and after the service, there are computer kiosks in the patio where they also can sign up before and after the services on Sundays from 11:30 a.m.-noon or 1:30-2 p.m., and Tuesday nights, inside during the 7 p.m. service.”

“We’re super-excited to offer this new program, where you can connect to various groups and see where you fit in,” said Senior Pastor Joe Pedick.”It is also a way that people can tap into their God-given talents to bless others. Every one of us are born with gifts, freely given to us by our Creator, there is nothing more fulfilling in life than to discover what those are and in turn bless many as a result.”

The church has a lot of ministries, including Young Family Gathering (Agape), Married Couples Fellowship, Drama Workshops, Addiction and Recovery (Restore), Woman’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Discipleship and so much more.

You can learn additional info at: http://www.ccoth.com or call the office at (562) 592-1800.

‘Connect Ministry’ brings more people to Calvary Chapel of the Harbour