City Council nomination period starts Monday

But four individuals have filed FPPC forms for three seats

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The nomination period for the City Council election begins Monday, July 18. It ends Friday, Aug. 12. Three seats are in play this year: District One, District Three, and District Five.

A few individuals have already filed paperwork with the state government to begin their runs for Seal Beach office. However, they will still need to file nomination papers with the city to run in November.

In Seal Beach a council candidate must win 50% of the vote, plus one, to win a district. If none of the candidates win that 50% plus-one, a district race could go to a runoff between the top-two candidates.

At this time, it appears that at least three individuals are interested in the District One (Old Town and Surfside Colony) council seat.

On June 28, Gregory Barton filed his Fair Political Practices Commission Form 501 Candidate Intention Statement to run for the District One City Council seat.

As previously reported, Christopher DeSanto filed his Statement of Organization in March and his Candidate Intention Statement in April.

Incumbent District One Councilman Joe Kalmick is expected to run for re-election, but no 2022 FPPC filing appears under his name in the city’s online archive of recent FPPC filings. (Kalmick presently serves as mayor, but it is City Council members, not the residents, who vote for the city’s mayor. Kalmick’s mayoral term expires at the end of the year.)

In District Three, Stephanie Wade filed a FPPC Form 410 Statement of Organization on June 2 and filed a Candidate Intention Statement on May 11. District Three Councilman Mike Varipapa has termed out.

In District Five, Mariann Klinger filed her FPPC 501 Candidate Intention Statement on June 2. District Five Councilwoman Sandra Massa-Lavitt has termed out.