Briefing Room: rules for pedestrians in bike lanes

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Hi Lt. Nicholas,

I have more questions for you about pedestrian safety.  What are the rules for pedestrians who walk or jog in designated bike lanes?  Also, what are the rules for pedestrians and bicyclists who use the jetty pathway that runs from Marina Drive past the new 1st Street park?  I always appreciate your thoughtful and informative answers!  Stay safe and keep up the great work!


Hi Linda,

Thanks for your questions and the kind words.

California Vehicle Code §21996 addresses your question about pedestrians in the bike  lane.  It states: “No pedestrian shall proceed along a bicycle path or lane where there is an adjacent adequate pedestrian facility.”  So if there is a sidewalk, pedestrians must use the sidewalk.  If there is no sidewalk, you may walk on the most right hand side of the roadway.

As far as the San Gabriel River Bike Path (the one that runs along the San Gabriel River from the First Street Municipal Beach Parking Lot to the Pacific Coast Highway undercrossing), pedestrians can also use this path.  The bike path is designed as a shared used path.  Pedestrians and bicyclists must share the path.

Thanks again for your questions Linda.

Seal Beach, keep your questions coming!  Email me at today!

Happy Thanksgiving!