Briefing Room: COP Team shifts priorities, schedule

Duties to include patrolling Main Street, downtown, and Surfside

COP Team Officer Kendra Owen

Hi Seal Beach!  Despite the gloomy mornings we’ve had lately, I’m excited to announce that the unofficial start to Summer begins this Memorial Day Weekend!

This weekend also marks the time when our Community Oriented Policing Team switches their primary responsibility and schedule.  During the non-summer months COP Team is used to act as liaisons for McGaugh Elementary School, conduct directed enforcement to combat specific crime trends, and enforcing specific Penal and Vehicle codes. The COP Team attends all special events such as Run Seal Beach, Turkey Trot, Christmas Parade, Band on the Sand, and National Night Out. They also act as liaisons for the Chamber of Commerce, and regularly meet with local businesses, providing crime prevention and strategies and presentations to business owners and employees. COP Team members are also assigned as Quality of Life Officers (QLO’s), assisting with outreach, and connecting those experiencing homelessness with resources.

However, during the summer months, the COP Team’s focus shifts.  The primary responsibilities of the COP Team include patrolling Main Street, downtown, and Surfside. The COP team can be seen on foot patrols, bicycles, ATVs and a 4×4 vehicle, handling all calls for service on the beaches, pier, and in the Main Street area.  “Because of our beautiful beaches, popular Main Street, and excellent weather, we normally see a large increase in tourists to our city,” said Seal Beach Police Chief Philip Gonshak.

“Unfortunately, this increase in population also creates an upward trend in criminal activity.  By dedicating these two officers to patrol our busiest areas, our mission is to drive down crime and improve the quality of life for residents, visitors, and businesses,” Gonshak said.

Although the COP Team will deploy from the Police Substation at the base of the pier, they will respond to emergencies throughout the city and address quality of life issues in all neighborhoods.  They will also act as liaisons between the Police Department and businesses, and will participate in community education events.

Now that you know what they do, who are the COP Team?  Officer Kendra Owen began her career in law enforcement with the Los Alamitos Police Department in 2009.  She has worked in Patrol, Investigations, as a Field Training Officer and as a Corporal. In 2019 she lateraled to the Seal Beach Police Department where she has been assigned to Patrol Operations.  Officer Rael-Brook has been a police officer since 2019, and began his career with the Los Alamitos Police Department serving in patrol, as homeless liaison officer, and as a member of the STAR team. Officer Rael-Brook joined the Seal Beach Police Department in February, 2021.

COP Team Officer David Rael-Brook

The two officers selected for this assignment were chosen because of their proactivity and dedication to the City of Seal Beach.  Their primary objective is to help keep the most trafficked areas of Seal Beach safe by being a uniformed presence and by preventing crimes.  Look for them patrolling on foot, in cars, on bicycles, and in off-road vehicles.

Now that you know them, if you happen to see the COP Team this summer, please stop by and say hi and ask for their baseball cards.  They both love interacting with the community and I’m sure you’ll like getting to know them too.

As always, keep your questions coming Seal Beach.  Email today!  Have a safe and happy summer!

P.S. You didn’t hear this from me, but ask Officer Rael-Brook to see his skateboarding videos.