Barry Curtis named interim development director

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The Seal Beach City Council this week formally adopted a resolution making Barry Curtis the interim director of the Community Development Department.

Curtis has recently been serving as the city’s senior planner.

This was a Consent Calendar item. Consent items are voted on collectively, without discussion, unless an item is pulled from the calendar for individual consideration.

This item wasn’t pulled.

Curtis succeeds Les Johnson, who recently retired from public service.

“The City is currently recruiting for a permanent Director, however it is anticipated that it could be a few months before a permanent Director is recruited and appointed,” according to the staff report by Assistant City Manager Patrick Gallegos.

“The purpose of this action is for the City Council to approve the City Manager’s selection of Barry Curtis as Interim Community Development Director,” Gallegos wrote.

“Mr. Curtis is a relatively recent retiree from the equivalent position in the City of Costa Mesa and has direct experience in Seal Beach from previous service, and more recently in a consulting role as our Contract Senior Planner,” Gallegos wrote.

“CalPERS permits a retiree to return to work for a CalPERS agency, such as the City of Seal Beach, on a limited interim basis. The City Council must review and approve this type of appointment,” Gallegos wrote.

“Mr. Curtis’ assignment will not exceed 960 hours, as permitted by CalPERS, and his compensation will be the same as Mr. Johnson’s compensation rate, equivalent to $90.46 per hour,” Gallegos wrote.

“Mr. Curtis will not receive any City benefits or any other compensation as Interim Community Development Director,” Gallegos wrote.

“The compensation to be paid Mr. Curtis for this interim appointment will be paid from salary savings in the vacant Community Development Director position; therefore, no additional appropriation is required,” Gallegos wrote.