Aunt Gertie saw Ray clean up real good

Aunt Gertie and Ray Longoria (on right).

Aunt Gertie was on Main Street when Shani Rae Erickson grabbed me and twisted my arm till I agreed to put Ray Longoria in my column.  She gushed about how Ray cleans up real good when he makes graffiti disappear.  He can get rid of a tag quicker than a wind surfer skimming along the ocean by the pier!  Those damn ol’ taggers better forget about coming to Seal Beach!  It’s a losing proposition with Ray Longoria on the job.  I think his motto is, “now you see it, now you don’t!”

Ray runs around town in his nifty little golf cart loaded for action with paint and cleaners to wipe off graffiti or cover it.  I was amazed as I watched him work his magic on the tag pictured above.  He said he’s removed thousands of markings since he started 7 years ago.  Once or twice a year Ray works on the north jetty across the San Gabriel River near the marina.  He told me Bay Hardware graciously donates paint to help with these projects.  One thing is for sure, Ray Longoria hates graffiti!  He wants our beautiful community to stay clean and quaint for the many visitors who come here to enjoy our beach town.  One of the best along the Pacific Ocean.

Ray was a Navy brat and came to Seal Beach 36 years ago.  He went to high school in New Orleans and college in Ventura and Cal State Northridge and joined the Marines for three years during the Vietnam era.  Ray is married to Marilyn Redd and he’s been a proud Lions Club member for 30 years.

For graffiti removal contact or call Ray at Lions against Graffiti, 562-370-7836. Remember to tell ‘em Aunt Gertie told you to call!!

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