Aunt Gertie on Life: Aunt Gertie is totally tuned into Station 17

Aunt Gertie and Cynthia Freund (on right).

Aunt Gertie walked into Station 17 and immediately noticed a teeny, tiny gift package sitting near the front door.

I got so excited I couldn’t even stand myself! I was ready to strip down to my purple colored undies, glue on two of those dadgum, little silver colored Nippies to my chest, prance up and down Main Street and scare the hell out of everyone!

Hey, it’s Halloween time so I can do whatever I want! Aunt Gertie says, “Better have your heart tablets handy, honey!”

As you can surmise, Cynthia has quite a few unique gifts in her boutique. Like the nifty vinyl records melted and shaped into pots for plants. Drain holes conveniently pre-punched! She told me her most popular and biggest selling gifts are the pop culture matches and the flannel shirts with music and acting celebrities on the back.

Cynthia was raised in the Newport/Costa Mesa area and after graduating Estancia High School, went to the University of California in Santa Barbara. She majored in film and became a wardrobe stylist, leading her to Hollywood and commercials for TV.

Recently, she worked for Lindsay Lohan’s MTV show, sending 50 complete outfits with accessories to Mykonos, Greece. She’s even done modeling in the surf industry.

Her parents have owned Art Supply Warehouse (across from Home Depot) for 40 years. What a great retail background to come from.

Cynthia’s motto is up on the front wall of her store and it reads: Classy, Sassy, & a bit Smart Assy!

She told me her goal is to promote the store and Seal Beach at the same time. A win-win situation. Can’t beat that!

Come on down to Station 17 and tell Cynthia, Aunt Gertie told you to drop by. Located at 129 1/2 Main Street, in Seal Beach, the Tiny Crown Jewel of the Southern California Coastline. Cynthia Freund, can be reached at 310-245-2907.

Karen Hadley, creator of Aunt Gertie, can be reached by surface mail at Karen Hadley, PO Box 34, Seal Beach, CA 90740 or email at