Annual Sunset Beach Art Festival is this weekend


The Sunset Beach Art Festival is sponsored by Las Damas of Sunset Beach, our local women’s service organization. The festival will be held Saturday and Sunday, May 7 and 8. Proceeds from the festival go to local charities for the homeless, at-risk teenagers and the mentally ill, to local schools to support their arts programs, and to students through our educational grants program. With nearly 150 artists displaying their wares at the Sunset Beach Art Festival, one might think that the visual arts are all to be experienced at this Mother’s Day Weekend event. The ladies of Las Damas have much more in store for the artistic longings of visitors though. On the main stage in the Community Center on 12th Street a variety of music will entrance those taking a break from strolling along the Green Belt.

Francesca Jules starts off Saturday with her tribute stylings, and the most unusual Forever Young, a group consisting of 80-103 year-old performers all with Hollywood backgrounds, will amaze and inspire all. Later, Roadkill Kings change the pace with their country/western renditions. Proud parents will then cheer on the local band Teadamo, and Corn Doggy Dog will get everyone’s feet moving.

Sunday morning starts appropriately with Spirit, Soul, and Friends, a young group who will kick off the day with their own joyful art. Banter is a trio featuring Cole Bishop (winner of one of the Las Damas scholarship awards) who writes and performs the band’s own Indy Pop original music. Later Phunkel, a crowd favorite, visits the festival again, and The Contenders are a tribute band ready to satisfy the musical ear. All of these performers donate their time to entertain the crowd. Near the end of the artists along the green belt. Duchicela performs live Peruvian Andes tunes.

Kids have their own special artistic outlets in the Kid Zone adjacent to the Community Center. On Saturday, My Gym will set up their mats and enable kids to explore the art of tumbling. On Sunday, the bounce house will offer kids the chance to jump and glide in artistic motion. All of these adventures are free for the curious kid.

Annual Sunset Beach Art Festival is this weekend