Angela Cooper, a Sunset Beach miracle

A year after a stroke and an aneurysm, she returned to church for Easter

Angela Cooper with Calvary Chapel of the Harbour Senior Pastor Joe Pedick. Photo by Chris MacDonald

On Easter Sunday, Angela Cooper, a 30-year Sunset Beach resident, made her first return in a year to the church where she was a founding member. She had suffered a massive stroke and a aneurysm. “My family was told I wouldn’t make it through the day and if I survived, I would never talk or walk again,” Cooper said, with tears in her eyes.

If that wasn’t enough, last September, Angela was rushed to a hospital and diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Her goal was to get back to church this Easter Sunday. After receiving her second COVID vaccine shot, she was able to accomplish her goal. “I was overwhelmed by all the new faces,” Angela said. “No wonder, Calvary Chapel has had to expand to three services (9, 10:45 and 12:30). I’m deeply humbled by all the heartfelt prayers that have been made for me this past year. I’m so filled with joy to be back among so many believers, who never gave up on praying for me. Prayer works and I’m an example of that. I am so grateful!”

“Angela is truly a walking miracle and we were so delighted to see her Easter Sunday, when we were celebrating Jesus return,” said Senior Pastor Joe Pedick. “We thank the Lord for her miraculous recovery.”

Local resident, Eric Lovey, who has known Angela for more than 17 years, said, “It’s just amazing seeing her again. It’s by God’s grace and the true healer Jesus Christ.”

“Angela is a beloved, genuine friend to many, especially her church family,” said William Anselmo. “News of her stroke over a year ago was a terrible shock. Her recovery over the previous year is an answer to many, many prayers. Pastor Joe kept us apprised of each milestone in her recovery: from her hospitalization, to her release, to her return home, to mobility in a wheelchair, to walking. The speed of her recovery is truly astounding! It is an absolute miracle of God.”

“She is a very dear sister in the Lord. It’s a true miracle of God that she survived the large hemorrhagic stroke,” said James Trabilcy. “Not to mention she is strong and has almost no residual effects. It is an answer to prayer as our church family was in constant prayer for her. It is a blessing and testimony of how truly faithful God is!”

“When you see Angela walking in Sunset Beach, say Hello to her. Miracles can happen to you as well. Keep believing,” said Steve Newsome, who has helped her for months, building her strength through walking down the greenbelt.