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Big Waves - Seal Beach (2005)

Halloween 2009 Seal Beach Sun


About Seal Beach

Seal Beach Classic Car Show 2008


What's your Christmas greeting to our soldiers?

Seal Beach Kite Festival 2007


Seal Beach Christmas Parade 2009

Christmas Caroling 2009


Wheely Willy

What's your new year's resolution?


Do you believe in global warming?

What's the most important challenge facing our country?


Where do you go for live entertainment?

Where would you take your valentine?


Who was our greatest U.S. President?

What Olympic event would you compete in?


Is our President doing a good job?

How would you describe Seal Beach?


Do you think we should pay a flat tax?

Have you adjusted to the time change?


Are you taking part of the 2010 Census?

Stingray Shuffle by Gary Snow


Does the media focus too much on celebrity relationships?

What kind of car would you be?


Does Seal Beach offer enough events on Main Street?

What will you tell your Mom on Mother's Day?


What should be done to coyotes near homes?

Who is your hero?


What's one thing you would do if you were President?

What's worth going to war over?


What's going to be the best movie this summer?

Is the government doing enough about the Gulf oil crisis?


Are U.S. immigration laws to strict?

What restaurant would you choose for a romantic date?


Are Main Street sidewalks too cluttered with displays and benches?

The Summer Concert Series begin at 6pm. Is it OK to save sitting in the morning?


Do you use sunscreen and what level do you use?

What would you change about Main Street Seal Beach?


How important is music in education?

What would you do if you had one month to live?


Are professional sports players overpaid?

What do you think about the sacrifice our Veterans have made?


Bodyboarding off 'Mayberry by the Sea'

2013 Seal Beach Car Show


Rossmoor Community Services District Board Meeting April 2013

2013 Seal Beach Classic Car Show


2013 Seal Beach Classic Car Show

Los Alamitos High School Class of 2013 Graduation


Los Alamitos High School Class of 2013 Graduation

How to Haze a Coyote


Catucky Derby

Seal Beach Car Show 2014 - News Enterprise & Sun News


Seal Beach Comedy Fundraiser 2015

Miss Seal Beach 2014 Memory Train


Seal Beach Classic Car Show 2015 by K Mikael Wallin for Customikes & Sun News

Seal Beach Centennial Movie


Tire Iron Attack at Gas Station

Sun Editor Dixie Redfearn on Los Al TV


Los Al TV Community Calendar - November 2, 2016

Los Al TV Community Calendar - November 2, 2016


LW Globe Unveiling

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