Opinion: Miss Seal Beach 2010 Sophia Spektor bids a tradition farewell


1)    Thoughts about being Miss Seal Beach:

I have been living in the city of Seal Beach since I was a little girl and from day one have been a vivid part of the community. I remember going to the Mary Wilson library as a little girl participating in their story time and summer reading program. I took classes at the Marina center learning about everything from cooking to art.

I always saw the sign for the pageant on Seal Beach Boulevard go up when I was young. When I saw the court members at the Christmas parade, I was in dreamland. I didn’t think such a glamorous and fun organization existed in my little town! Let alone, that I could be a part of it!

When I was 14, with the great help of my mother, I decided to enter the pageant.

Being an overweight child and preteen I had finally gotten in shape and felt prepared. The first time I walked away with nothing. Yet the second and third time, I was selected as a member on court.

The fourth time running, which my mom had encouraged me to do from day one, I finally got the crown and all the amazing things that came with it. Hearing my name announced as the title holder of Miss Seal Beach 2010, I was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to be able to execute my platform and make a difference!

This year and a half, I have been able to do so many great things and meet so many wonderful people. My court and I have helped at St. Anne’s Thanksgiving brunch, SBIFA meetings, Music on Main, Chamber mixers, the annual Car Show, Heifer Golf Tournament, Seal Beach Yacht Club Fundraiser, Lions Club Fish Fry, Seal Beach Founder’s Day Events/Parade, Mary Wilson Library Kids Programs, and Relay for Life. We have had fun attending other pageants and meeting title holders from other cities.

I am so blessed and grateful to have been given the amazing opportunity to be a role model and ambassador for my hometown. As Miss Seal Beach, I have strived to help out many causes. Influenced by my experience of being a previous court member and city volunteer.

I know the positive impact helping your city can bring. Not only are you becoming an active and involved community member; you are making a difference!

Given the title and, truthfully, microphone of Miss Seal Beach 2010, I have strived to get more people, particularly kids, involved in the community.

This is a crucial step in becoming a well rounded individual and definitely needs more attention. I have implemented this platform with a program I made known as Community Outreach Through Action.

This program has gotten people in our community to become more involved in our small beach town. They have increased their self-esteem and self confidence in order to do bigger and better things. In addition to this, they have gotten to know their city more by becoming a part of it through their own action.

I believe I have had a positive impact on the community given the opportunity, microphone and privilege to champion this cause.

2)    Working with Barbie Meyer and the court members:

I have enjoyed getting to know and work with all of these amazing ladies. We have made such a difference in the community and truly implemented our slogan “ Women helping Women.” It has taken hard work, long hours, endless planning, many meetings and loads of enthusiasm. However, I am very pleased to say we have accomplished an impressive list of events and helped a number of different organizations.

Barbie Meyer, I sincerely thank you for all of you help, kind words, and encouragement. You have really pushed me to become a better person and the best queen I could possibly be. Your phenomenal organization has helped so many young women in so many ways. You have opened my eyes to see the way a successful city runs and how a hard working group of young women can make a difference. I know that you are a strong individual, who will be successful no matter what life throws your way.

To all of my Miss Seal Beach 2010 court members, a deep thank you to you for helping to make this year a successful one. All of you are special in your own unique way and will light the world no matter what path you take.

To the city of Seal Beach and community members, thank you for all your dedication to make this city great. Seal Beach is becoming bigger and better in many more ways than one and I look forward to see what is next!

3)    Being the last Miss Seal Beach (at least for a while):

I am quite saddened to give up my reign. In all honesty, I feel like I have really gotten to see and understand what it takes to run a city. I have gotten to get to know, first-hand, the people that make this city grand.

It has definitely been a life changing journey and I am very grateful for it. I strongly encourage all of our young and old community members to get out there. Help the city in any way you can! Be it one hour a week to one hundred hours a month. This city thrives off the people that are in it, make it the best it can be. Please realize that anything powerful can start with Y.O.U.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”—Gandhi.


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