Lemonade stand raises $30K for We Care

Pictured above are Mayte Larios, We Care manager; J.J. Sagen and Rob Lowenberg, We Care executive director. Courtesy photo

On Aug. 11, Jaelyn (J.J.) Sagen held her seventh annual Lemonade Stand to benefit We Care and raised a total of more than $30,000 for We Care.

When JJ was 6 years old she noticed a homeless man, and told her mom she wanted to start a Lemonade Stand to help people in need. JJ then decided to contribute all her yearly donations to We Care.

Ganahl Lumber in Los Alamitos hosted JJ’s Lemonade Stand for the second year, and California Pizza Kitchen helped by making a generous donation. Local TV news channels covered this event.

We Care is a non-profit agency located in Los Alamitos. Food, along with needed items and services, are provided for needy families and individuals in our community, helping them transition to self-sufficiency.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to support We Care, and special thanks to JJ, a very special girl, for caring so much for others in need.

Lemonade stand raises $30K for We Care