Furry Tails: Chiclet has lived at Seal Beach shelter for 10 years

Chiclet would be happiest as the only cat in a home. Courtesy photo

Chiclet has been with us virtually her whole life. She has gone from a wild child who would race around the room nonstop to a senior lady who loves attention. Chiclet has lived in our Main Room all these years with many other cats. While she tolerated them for the most part, having the constant stress of other felines has suppressed her personality, and she kept to herself. Unfortunately, she consoled herself with a tendency to overindulge on dry food, so she could definitely stand to lose a few pounds.

We recently moved her into a vacant kitten room to give her a chance to shine, and also to control her food intake. Chiclet instantly blossomed into a talkative sweetheart, loving the activity outside her door. Without the stress of the other cats, she has stopped the constant eating as well. She would be a great companion in a quiet home, probably best as an only cat. Won’t you come and meet this lovely lady?


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